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  1. One thought: the college where I work has one in the library and you can 3d print stuff. There might be something available in your town at a local college or library. Heck, my son's HS school bought one and the kids love designing things to print.
  2. There's not much I can add to this awesome list, but I thought I'd add one little suggestion. When I started, I wanted to buy molds too, but I had to prioritize what I wanted to buy. So one day I spent two hours making clay molds out of every object I could get my hands on. Caps from tubes(toothpastes, paint), ends of markers (especially for cupcake bottoms), and oh so many buttons! I used the button molds for different plates, cakes, etc. I cut away the holes when I removed the button from the soft mold. I also used my mini tools like my philips head to make mini frosting pips. I since foung the Sugar Charm channel mentioned and she shows how to make frosting shapes, among other fantastic tutorials. Good luck!
  3. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Every detail is wonderful.
  4. Nice couch! I like how you didn't over stuff the pillows to make them look more real.
  5. I've done the foam in the blender. (I just got a new blender so I was using an older one.) I cut the foam into small pieces about a half inch cubs. Then coated with watered down acrylic(50-50 mix). I smooshed them so the paint would go through and then let dry. I used light green foam so when I blended it the pieces came out slightly multicolored. I didn't get really small pieces because my blender wasn't sharp. I'm tempted to use my new blender but I don't want to be green like the old one......
  6. Awesome!! I'm sure he was happy it was going to a good home.
  7. I'm sure the prices will come down eventually. I've looked for freebie designs and found some but its expanding as we type! I'm lucky, the place where I work has one of these and I can print out things for free but you have to sign up early to get time on the machine. I'm looking for some half scale patterns to try to print next week. I'm not experienced with CAD so there's no chance I'l be doing my own. I have a feeling that when the price come down this will be the wave of the future for home mini's.
  8. I've stashed a few hutches and I hope they don't stop selling them. Its not easy to find inexpensive mini furniture. I saw some' mini' items at JoAnn's too. The same fairy, garden decor items but the scale was way off.
  9. I usually brush the inside with cornstarch, press the clay inside and then freeze it for a minute or until it is firm. Then I remove the clay and bake. I've baked in the molds too but it can be tricky getting the piece out without damage.
  10. The stained glass door was beautiful, s was the rest of the house! This is why dollhouses are so important: to help folks like me have a mansion I could afford. Hmmm, with what I spend, I should probably take that back.... Thanks for the eye candy!
  11. This tip came just in time! I am relatively new to the field of woodworking and I've been slowly buying trims,etc. yesterday when I was rooting around in my box I snapped a piece. It was a thin rectangular strip so at least it wasn't an expensive break, but this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing. i know what I'm making today.
  12. Wow, nice details! Welcome to the forum! Beautiful job, thans for sharing.
  13. I was doing my usual perusing at Joann's and I picked up a bag of strip wood pieces. Behind that bag was a bag that i got excited about. Crazy, I know. It had 18 pieces of mini board and batting that is 3" wide and 4 pieces of siding that is 3" wide. I had never seen really good finds like those. Mostly I find the basswood bags have plain rectangular parts. Those are great too and I've been buying them for years, but this is better. I'm working on some half scale shops and so they've found a home already. I just thought I would share so you can look for these too.
  14. I used paperclay for a few things but I didn't like how it accepted the finish. I'll have to check out DAS. Also, my paperclay got these strange dried chunks in it. I double wrapped it but parts still dried out and not in a pretty way. Thanks for the tip.
  15. This kitchen looks fabulous! Congrats on a beautiful build.
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