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  1. From the album: Play kitchen

    1. Get it up into the garage from the basement. ( its four foot tall and 5 foot wide!) 2. Primer the places you want painted.( there will be cabinet like storage areas i really wanted normal like our kitchen.) 3. Paint the areas you wanted painte. ( the red parts.) 4. Cut a hole for the plastic tube( the sink that auntie pitched in from her craft room.) 5. Look on Internet for ideas of the stove and the sink knobs and spout.... Have no clue!
  2. darahsmile

    Play kitchen

    Days work
  3. From the album: Play kitchen

    My mom had bought a new one since she bought a flat screen tv in 2012's December. Yes we had a huge bulky tv for a while:) the entertainment center was going to be burned... I saved it for another round of life:D
  4. My mom told me when she was little. Wasnt that long ago. She's only 43. Anyway, that her barbie house was under a pool table and she would make plates to TV's out of paper and cardboard. Then she would find Indian arrow heads from the corn and wheat field (North Dakota) and use those as fine china! Haha i love her:)
  5. The shingles scared me too. The Fairfield is my second build and im hoping it goes better then my mckinley im trying to sell... It's not all the way finished...:/ to big for my area... I wish you luck! If you want wood floors i would use skinny sticks you can buy cheaply in the walmart craft department by the Popsicle sticks. Takes a long time but, man does it pack a punch! Looks amazing when finished!
  6. Thank you:) I will surely start with looking into making my own dolls. Maybe then they won't be as creepy since I've made then from scratch. Now to get supplies! Shopping! Yay
  7. What kind of doll is afford able? I mean afford able as in I could buy clothes that are less then $10! I have a heidi ott lady but, she kind of scares me. Her wig falls off since i bought her naked and bald. So she has knitted clothes from etsy and a wig from eBay. That right there was $90 put together! Ouch. I've been scouring the web for a nice posable doll hopefully that I can make into a witch for my bakery. I also want to be able to change her clothes more often since, I hate wearing the same clothes all the time! Please help! I also was gifted the Melissa and Doug family dolls that come in the box together. Hasn't been opened since yet again they scare me. Ok the baby does the others are ok. I am scared of dolls yet, im a miniaturist at heart? Yes yes I am....
  8. Oh! Jealous of you right now! Top favorite movie of all time since the cartoon version came out! Cant wait to see the pictures!
  9. quote name="Shakyshaky" post="257763" timestamp="1213368019"]I just rewigged one of my Heidi ott dolls. I took off the old one. ( still useable) and put on the new one. Just be very sparing with the glue it does not take a lot.Try the wig on the head to get an idea of where you need to glue. I put the glue on the top and back of the the head and spread it around. Just wipe it off if it gets where you don't want it. It will spread so don't put it right to the edge of where the wig will go. Pull the extra hair out of the way and set the on head and press down to get the glue to grab. The biggest thing to be careful of is to not get glue in the hair just on the head.
  10. I have a heidi ott doll. Bought her naked and bald... Bought one pair of clothes and a wig for her. I've been wondering how to keep the wig on. Googled it then saw this posted on the forum. Thought why not try! Anyone with museum wax will work? I want to be able to change her wigs.
  11. That would be so cute:) hope you have pictures! Im going to go mini snooping!
  12. I'm making a buttercup cottage into a witches bakery. It's a theme from the thriller movie hansel and Gretel that came out a few months ago! I love Hansel and Gretel since i was really young! Ps. How Did You Make her/him? The cat is soo cute!
  13. Im working on selling the McKinley almost finished but, the money tree dried up... Along with some furniture I don't need to keep since I buy the kits you assemble... Then I have the Fairfield that Im currently working on. I've been looking for a small cottage one to two roomed.... My addiction must just kick in ever so often! Im going to stick with small building since they are easier to move and display!
  14. darahsmile

    Fairfield Front

    How did you do the brick work on the foundation? I've been wanting to do red brick and haven't figured out how yet.
  15. Wish I knew this when I had the black and white tiling sheet! Would have helped! Keeping this in mind:) thank you!
  16. darahsmile


    My McKinley would normally be on the desk in the left corner. Probably cant see it but, it felt like it was taking over my craft room. I don't only do miniatures. I run a small art business out of that room. I water color and acrylic paint. I will stick to room boxes and smaller dollhouses since a full house is to much for me to handle in the space im working with.:/
  17. darahsmile


    First dollhouse, is it going to go well, dear I hope so!
  18. darahsmile


    From the album: McKinley

    Sorry its and advertisement picture i took.... It was dark out so i had artificial lighting to work with. No electricity outlets in my craft room yet, so that's what happens.
  19. Resin works too. That's if you have a craft store near you and more money on your hands....
  20. darahsmile

    I painted this

    From the album: McKinley

    its about 2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide! cool huh? http://darahsmile-darah.blogspot.com/ its on my blog for the tutorial of how to make small painting, but most people would just think of it was common sense measure, draw it out, paint, keep painting and then wah la your done,
  21. darahsmile

    hall way

    From the album: McKinley

    not much to say but, that i need to put a door on the end of the hall way
  22. darahsmile

    like the floor?

    From the album: McKinley

    all the floors are going to look like this through out the entire house, i just love hard wood floor, everything matches it, well almost'
  23. From the album: McKinley

    I couldnt find this one for a while, but the picture was in front of my eyes the entire time. the mckinley is a wonderful build and there are some difficulties to.. but every house has its pros and its cons right?
  24. From the album: McKinley

    that reminds me i need to take a picture of the outside, i will do that later...
  25. From the album: McKinley

    kind of looks like the wallpaper is coming off. but the mod podge did this to my acrylic brown paint... oh well i can cover it up with the sewing area or a self of some sort... yeah a shelf would be nice there, one from my stash
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