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    Dollhouse building, kit "bashing", Australian Shepherds, Pappilons, snowmobiling, Coronation Street, horses.

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  1. Carolee

    Beacon Hill Renovation

    A friend of mine would like me to finish this house for her. Her late husband started it quite a few years ago.
  2. Carolee

    Widow's Walk

    I just found a Van Buren on EBay. Thanks to your photos I went ahead and bid on it. Now, I'm just waiting for it to arrive!
  3. Carolee

    House Side Progress WEB

    What do you use to make your beautiful designs on the walls? Beautiful!!
  4. Carolee

    2012 12 09 004

    This was one of my first challenges, I made a template of the siding, and will slide it in...
  5. Carolee

    2013 01 11 004

    The house is going to require a bit of new wood, like this piece across the back foundation.
  6. Carolee

    2012 12 09 017

    She survived a couple of moves
  7. Carolee

    The Pink Magnolia

    Started this house for my daughter (winter 2011)
  8. Carolee

    exterior started on

    Very Nice!! I'm going to look some more!
  9. Carolee


    Oh My......Reminds me of a "real" house I had once.....I like this photo a lot!
  10. Carolee

    2012 05 07 001

    Thanks so much!!
  11. Carolee

    2012 05 06 007

    It's those details that take so long to figure out. Do you also just stare and stare.....until it comes to you?
  12. Carolee

    2012 04 02 004

    Getting there, slow but sure.....summer months tends to delay production
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