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  1. Soapz

    Happy 2021

    Happy New Year to all of you. May it be a tad easier on all of us.
  2. So, I finally watched yesterday - and I have sooooo many questions.... What exactly is 50% prep work? Prepping all walls, floors and ceilings and then put the house together? What about the interiors? Prepped? Built? What are the carpenters doing? I didn't really get what they are helping with. Well, I hope the show will get better. The work was messy and I wasn't impressed.
  3. Looks like the Lady Kathleen Kit by Celerity
  4. Here is a link to an online estate auction - there are a few interesting pieces that might fit tighter budgets and not so tight ones... https://www.invaluable.com/catalog/fagothlbyb?fbclid=IwAR1-PE283jPPmmzmPq5FfVV-xs0OZ5IylO7Rk493LnmkvMMFL3DN7t7vaWc
  5. Well, glad to hear that everyone is hanging on. Life's been a bit rough since last year - I haven't been around much. My father had cancer, started an internal bleed in March 2019 and couldn't get it repaired with surgery until August. We had a few touch and go situations where he almost died. He got better until about February this year, that's when he asked me to move in with him to help out. I packed a few things and did that and then he passed on March 17th. Since then I have been dealing with packing up two houses, moving, dealing with the estate and I am still going to work every day.
  6. Hah! Knew it! 'A tiger cannot change its spots' - or was it 'a leopard cannot change its stripes'? Whatever.... glad you are feeling and sounding better!
  7. I seem to remember flat lead wire being sold in the UK for fishing. Something like this: https://www.flyshopeurope.com/hends-flat-lead-wire/ https://www.flyshopeurope.com/hends-half-round-lead-wire/
  8. I finally have something new to report: I bought myself a car - no more old clunker for me. What a relief to get into a car not having to worry if it is going to make it to where you want to go.
  9. Matt, seeing as I will inherit your houses, just say: That one is only stored temporarily for Christina. Because Christina wants this one, but Christina's car is on the fritz, so it will not drive to Metairie at this time. I'll sign off on it. I think the coast needs to unite and not let that one get away. I can totally paypal you if you think that works.... Can you see the same grand staircase that I see in this house?
  10. So, Kelly.......... if any of your houses are seeking political asylum - there might be a way all of us can help out........? I'm aware that it is an involved process, but I'm willing to house a few.... Jokes aside. This might be a more unconventional suggestion, but: for the built houses - contact local charities that might plan fundraisers. It's kinda what I do with the houses I don't like much (you know the ones you buy because they are such a good deal you can't walk away from? The ones you look at later and think: Was I drunk when buying that one?) I finish them as play
  11. Hey Shannon, I used paint stripper I bought from Home Depot on a Mahogany daybed from Bespaq and it worked well. I covered the complete piece in paint stripper - I had a hard time keeping up with removing the finish before the stripper dried. I believe doing it in sections will work better. Or taking the piece apart with help of a hair dryer. The glue gets dissolved by the paint stripper, so the piece comes apart anyways. I cut an old gift card into thin stripes to use as scrapers. That worked really well. Problems I ran into: Because the wood pieces are so small,
  12. I believe they have been sold as "Heartland" Doll House Furniture. There are quite a few around and I think they have been originally manufactured in Taiwan.
  13. So good to hear, Kelly. I am glad things are looking up and I love to see that enthusiasm in your post. You go!
  14. Henry Kupjack died last night at age 67. His talent will be greatly missed.
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