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  1. Love the picture Dalesq. Going to do some work on the house today. All dogs well, missing sheet arrived from greenleaf. Will try and post photos later!
  2. Spent the morning at vets :-( with Byron called out from work as I have to keep my eye on him. Arthur :-( missing sheet # 5 think what I can do in mean time while I wait for it to arrive :-(
  3. Glimmer of life is a small dog rescue http://glimmeroflife.com/ and as I have nine small rescues it close to my heart, putting my Garfield on the back burner lol thanks for info on pens, I also do wood burning so I'm going to add some touches with that :-)
  4. Hi I'm dolling a Arthur for Glimmer of Life Charity and am thinking of doing the whole house in different colors of stain! Has anyone done this, any advice Thanks
  5. I brought grout from a company in the uk and their instructions follows, This adhesive is ideal for building free standing brick walls and also gives very good results when used as a grout. Please Note. While other grouts can give satisfactory results some do not! We therefore recommend the use of our Mortar/Grout to assure a reliable realistic finish. We recommend that you coat the surface of your bricks or tiles with a 50/50 mix of PVA and water and allow to dry before you grout them in. To use:- mix with water to form a stiff paste. Add a small quantity of PVA adhesive (1/2 tsp per pa
  6. Love the dog! Room is wonderful!
  7. Narnia077

    bricks A

    lmao bricks are fun! grout sucks lol the bricks are Andimini bricks and stone Williamstown Vermont.
  8. Hi Guys I just got back from New York and while I was there I went to see the Dollhouse shop inside FAO Schwarz what a disappointment! I know everything would be over priced but they didn't really have very much and the guy behind the counter was a snob and treated me like I was bothering him by being there. Sad really cause I was loaded at the time with many credit cards :-(
  9. Narnia077

    stairs 7

    Dooder85 don't be intimidated...I had to do these from scratch cause I messed up the one that came in the kit...it was ether make them or order a elevator lol
  10. Narnia077

    stairs 8

    Darn it! I forgot I have to varnish them :-(
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