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  1. daddyslilgirl

    Sneak peek

    I will indeed. His mom and I talked yesterday, we are not going to furnish it as I would if I was keeping it. We are going to let him shop for "goodies" for the house. We are sure Batman, Thor and a myriad of other super heroes as well as other toys will be living here or visiting. We are also 100% sure the super heroes and friends are super loud and super hyper during playtime, so we are going to furnish with lower grade/super hero proof (or easily and less expensively replaced furniture and such. Can't wait to see how he reacts. He loves my dollhouses and always asks why don't I have one for me? *aw* So now he does!
  2. Thanks everyone! I absolutely love this green! Almost done now! Slowed down to have the holiday with family, but worked on it today after everyone had left. Got a bit done. Should be done this week!
  3. daddyslilgirl

    TuckTuck's House

    For my Grandbaby, Dec 2014
  4. Thanks ladies. I just asked a local artist to do some ceramic trophy "fish" for the living room wall. Cant wait
  5. They talk and whisper and scream. Be careful! Right now I am knee deep in THREE houses and already planning to buy the RGT Painted Lady in January. They are addictive! Welcome to the world of fun and miniature. Let us know if we can help you in any way.
  6. daddyslilgirl

    Tucker Cottage

    My Orchid who finally told me her story and that she is a Shabby Chic or Early Attic as my aunt used to call it. She was once a very fine house, but her wealthy owners departed for bigger and better and now her new middle class tenants are trying their best to keep her up and nice in a rough economy. I have finally been told who lives here. The family consists of a two year old boy and his mom. They are very content here!
  7. Day two....this is how far I am. Hubby helped a lot and we most likely will be gluing tomorrow. He is spending his two days off helping me get this ready. Little grand baby gets to go shopping for furniture and such when he gets the house. Also I am going to start making fruits and veggies for his kitchen though and maybe some pies and cakes.
  8. Thank you everyone. I spent the day at the salon (my daughter owns and I manage it) prepping it and doing some much needed rearranging of things and prepping the girls for me to be gone at least till after Christmas. They all think it is about time. My dad passed at 12:17 AM and I was in the salon that morning at 9 and haven't missed a scheduled day since so they all think I need time. So that is done and dollhouse building is my schedule (other than appointments, I won't be in salon 12-15 hours a day). Thanks again. Now off to watch the Final Ride of Sons of Anarchy. It is a horrible horrible obsession of mine, but it is mine and I can't miss that show tonight.
  9. daddyslilgirl

    FRdoor 001

    This is the same house I started yesterday/today also. I love your door!
  10. Well here I am again. I got busy in real life and didn't get much done on my projects due to real life. We moved and in the process of that my OU house was destroyed. It was not possible to repair it so we will be starting over on it sometime in the future. I am still busy with real life but I have been blah about it. See the reason I build doll houses is I have such good memories with my daddy building my first one back in the day when I was young and carefree. My blah comes from my daddy died Oct 1 and life is just miserable without him. The dollhouses were moved, we settled in, daddy had a stroke and passed away less than a week later and the dollhouses have sat for two months now, not moving, not getting worked on, and me ignoring them. Well yesterday, I was moving some stuff to make room for family coming in for the holidays (which I have avoided also) and I had to move some dollhouse things. Well short story is I went shopping yesterday. Really shopping not for toilet paper and food but really shopping and today I spent painting, reading directions, sanding and planning. My grandson loves my dollhouse (really loves it to the point it needs some repairs from play time) so he is going to have a dollhouse under the tree this year from me and his Great Opa (great grandpa/my dad). I decided to cut my hours at work to "by appointment only" and work on the dollhouse. Perhaps it is the one memory and project that can go hand in hand with healing and honoring my daddy. I miss him so much and today while painting and working on the dollhouse, I remembered a lot of the fun things we did while building my first one. So here I am again, coming back to the memories and trying to create something that perhaps will some day be a blessing and memory of me for someone.
  11. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I am trying to decide which way to go (again). Real life got in the way again of my dollhouse habit. It is the holiday season and I am busy busy with clients and fashion show prep. Tomorrow I am going to play with my dollhouse!
  12. This is my Vermont Farmhouse that is becoming an OU inspired football home. My DH attended OU for his master's degree and this house seemed to take on that persona and so I went with it.
  13. I got paint today (had primed everything already with a cheaper white paint) Today I got ValSpar (2.98 sample size), wallpapers (50% off card stocks at HL) and my son got me a level! We are painting and going to dry fit soon and mark papers. Have them on tonight and hopefully glue her up tonight before bed and let her sit until Monday (my next day off). Gotta do windows and doors too so may be glueing her together tomorrow when I get home. This build seems so much faster than my Orchid. I don't know though. I have to slow down and take some pictures today of the build or else I think I am going to miss it all together. KA
  14. I have a great dane, english bulldog and a doberman that would all be waiting also! Thanks for the suggestions. I have a barn to cut in and we wear masks for everything from spraying horses to cutting. I am going to think about this a little longer and just keep making progress on the main house. I can always go back and bash it!
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