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  1. It's time for my youngest to get her dollhouse. She will be 10. I'm looking for some ideas on a sturdy dollhouse similar in size to sisters' houses that looks good when done. I let the kid take the lead on building it, so it can't be too complicated. Oldest daughter: has RGT Bungalow - she never finished it (no roof) but it is decorated. Middle daughter: has Home Depot's Imagination House - a dream for her to put together. I'd love something like this, but I don't know of anything else quite that easy to build. I've looked around and I've seen few that might work. Ar
  2. I remember reading this book when I was a little girl https://www.amazon.com/Miss-Happiness-Flower-Rumer-Godden/dp/0064409384. I desperately wanted to build Miss Happiness' and Miss Flower's house, as the plans are included in the book. If you're up for a scratch build. :)
  3. The only Greenleaf dollhouse I have built is the Westville. I'm currently working on a Willowcrest, but it came to me assembled, so I'm learning to contort my body to work in those areas that are not accessible. I've also built Dura-Craft's Columbian, SweetHeart, and Madison.
  4. I loved the house in the pic, so I looked at some Garfield pics later. Guess what? That house is here on the forum. It is in the member's gallery, campbelc. It's called the Yellow Rose Inn. Hopefully, this link will work. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&image=61584
  5. That looks to be a very well done Garfield by Greenleaf. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/dollhouse-kits/garfield-dollhouse-kit.html
  6. My daughters are watching this right now.
  7. beckyjo


    This is the same house my 12 year old dd is working on. She's been bitten by the mini-bug! She's just about to put the roof on.
  8. I built my first kit, a Dura-Craft Columbian when I was 13 or 14. I'd been gifted 2 dollhouses before then, a GL Madison & a Glencroft, but the Columbia was the first one I mainly did myself.
  9. I received my first house, a Greenleaf Madison, from my brother and aunt when I was 9. They built it for Christmas. I immediately fell in love, so my dad made a Greenleaf Glencroft for my 10th birthday. I then went on during my teen years and early 20s to build 5 dollhouses from Greenleaf and Duracraft. I also won a Duracraft Linfield as a door prize one year. When I married and had children, I sold all of these except the Glencroft due to space issues. I've now got a huge Woodline Victorian in the early stages of construction, and a tiny little Lisa's Country Cottage almost complete. M
  10. I went to college in Lexington. There was a shop in Versailles; I just checked to see that the shop is still there. It is. http://www.greengablesdollhouse.com/ And yes, there is a miniature museum/store in Daville; just south of Lexington. http://www.thedollhousemuseum.com/ I don't know of any others, though.
  11. Here are a couple that I thought of: Black cats Ingredients for potions -- eye of newt, etc.
  12. I bought the front door for the Victorian I'm building now. (and I picked up the windows for the first floor while I was at it).
  13. The dollhouse that I am building is based on a real house in Lombard IL; they mentioned it in the directions. The Victorian by Woodline Concepts. http://plum.lib.il.u...leroyhouse.html This is the real house. Pop's dollhouse is a beautiful example of the dollhouse. http://popsdollhouse...d.com/home.html I would show you a pic of my dollhouse, but it doesn't have any walls yet! LOL I think the Alexandria may be my favorite house; the real-life version is gorgeous!
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