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  1. I looked on miniatures.com and didn't see it. Dollhouse Collectables said they had it but then sent my my money back and said it was out of stock
  2. I found this neat furniture set, but I cannot find the lamp anywhere. If anyone has one for sale I would love to buy it. http://www.dollhouseminiatures.com/furniture/bedroom6.htm
  3. I can see the picuture It is really lovely and I love the photos of the gallery. Thank you for the information
  4. Hello, I have purchased a couple of miature paintings and I was wondering if there was a tutorial or if anyone had any advice on how to create a frame for them. Thank you in advance
  5. I'm totally in for Sat Sunday I clean the ferrets. Would like to get the Tif done.
  6. Hi Kim and welcome! My first dollhouse was Greenleaf's Aster Cottage. If you pick that one, I got lots of help from Mini's blog http://moreminis.blogspot.com/2010/05/aster-cottage-dollhouse-introduction.html
  7. Flowerpot


    Thank you I was looking for Swedish furniture and came accross this from Lundby. I found some of it on Ebay since it's from the 70's, but if anyone is looking for Lundby furniture Sue Morse from the Lundby fansite is really nice and I ordered several pieces from her. I'm still looking for the clock in red though to complete that set. http://www.toysmiles.com/looking.html
  8. Flowerpot


    Thank you I found a pre-cut table top at Lowes, painted it white so that the wood color wouldn't come through, and then covered it with fabric from Joanns that I hot glued around the edges.
  9. This isn't really a tutorial, but it's a neat website. They lady who built this gets mad kudos. http://madshobbithole.wordpress.com/
  10. Flowerpot


    That looks awesome! I would love to learn how to do that Do you have a tutorial on how to make books?
  11. Thank you Kathie and Holly, I have the next few days off and I am always looking for an excuse to visit the hardware store I used that wood filler stuff on the Aster and it dried up really fast, was messy, and flaked off. I was hoping there was a better product out there.
  12. Thank you That means a lot to me comming from the experts. I'm getting ready to start sanding and filling the Tiffani. Bought it from ebay and it's an older kit. A lot of the wood splintered when I cut it. Does anyone have a favorite wood fill/putty they use?
  13. I finally got the images up in the gallery of my Aster. I still have more deocorating to do, but I think the Lundby furniture looks pretty good in there
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