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  1. I had the same problem with my kit. We did some whittling down and used lots of glue and clamps to make it fit. There's a bit of a gap in the corner of that room still, but I'm hoping some trim will take care of that.
  2. There's a thatching tutorial on Earth & Tree's site that my hubby has used.
  3. Oh wow, that is interesting. I think mine is like #5 as well.
  4. I enjoyed putting together my Fairfield. It went together a lot faster than the bigger houses I've done, even with the bashing I did. I haven't finished the structure completely so I haven't furnished it yet, but I'm planning on trying some of the kits from SDK and maybe handmaking some stuff.
  5. I've done stained glass in a 1/24" scale house by printing on transparency sheets and it's worked out pretty well. It's not very dimensional that way, but in the smaller scale it works. I'm not sure how it would look in 1/12" scale.
  6. I'd love to get my hands on this one too!
  7. Beautiful quilt! I love the colors. Oh, how I wish I had a sewing machine at my house!
  8. We used the Testor's model glue too. On a couple of the kits I used the acrylic paint that came with it (a nice light brown) and then used regular wood stain in a darker brown over the top to bring out the details more. It worked pretty well. The booklets on bashing the kits look very interesting.
  9. Me too! Right now all of my houses are pretty much lacking in any furnishings at all because I never seem to get the construction finished. I have a bunch of furniture and accessories boxed up waiting to be moved in, but the houses never seem to be ready for them.
  10. I have one partially built. Hubby started installing wood floors in it and hasn't gotten it finished yet. lol I was very impressed with the kit though. It is so easy to assemble.
  11. It's been a while since I put mine together so I'm trying to remember if I had any particular problems with that kit. You'll definitely want to paint & wallpaper before assembling. The trim pieces are easier to paint before removing from the sheets. Oh, and you can use the warpage from painting to your advantage to get the curve on the mansard roofs. For the stuff that needs to be straight, let the paint dry a little bit and then cover with a plastic bag and weigh them down with a hardback book. I can't think of anything specific to that kit besides the roofs, but if you search for 1/144"
  12. Cool Lynette! I think that's the one I've been trying to convince hubby we should buy. Whew, he'll be glad that you saved me from the temptation of getting another house that we can't afford and don't have room for. LOL Glad it's gone to a good home and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
  13. LOL I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this. I have 2 Linfield kits for this very reason. :angry: Furniture & accessories are worse than the dollhouses though because they're smaller and easier to squirrel away somewhere they aren't seen for a long time. I also tend to forget which project things were bought for and end up using them elsewhere, then wondering where they are when I get to the project they were originally bought for. :groucho: Gosh, this is a great support group.
  14. Thanks for sharing those pictures! I'm still on the lookout for furniture for my Fairfield (and 3 other 1/24" scale houses I've started) and it's great to see what's out there and how things fit.
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