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  1. cwoods

    Hating Stairs!!

    Have I ever said how much I hate building stairs. I have been working on these for what feels like forever! For some reason there are two pics of the stair post??? OH well.
  2. cwoods


    So the pictures uploaded after all.
  3. cwoods


    This is the work on the stairs so far. I added iron-on veneer to the sides and new steps and posts. It has been a tedious process. I'm having trouble getting the pictures to upload. I will try putting them in my album.
  4. cwoods

    snow doggie

    Had to add a pic of my baby trying to make it in all the snow we got last week.
  5. Here are some pictures of the house with the bricking complete (except for the chimney). Now, what to do next.
  6. cwoods

    door insert

    This window is so pretty. The house looks great!
  7. So once the bricks are completely dry, I sanded it down smooth. Then I went through and checked for areas that need some patch work and touched up areas in need. After that was dry, I went through and dabbed lightly a few random bricks with black. I then sponged randomly the red, tan, and brown. After all that was dry, I dabbed on on the sealer material. I have also included a picture of a puzzling little cubby hole area that I'm not quite sure how I am going to brick it. It is on the front of the house so I can't ignore it.......
  8. cwoods

    More on Bricks

    This may come out strange as I am not completely skilled in making blog entries. As you've seen, I've been working on the bricks. Here are some updated pics. I also included pics of the stencils, brick materials, and some paint colors. I mixed the chalk material to the joint compound to make the bricks. The spray adhesive is sprayed on the building to hold the stencil in place while you apply the compound. (I sprayed on the back of the stencil but it really started to build up and I had to soak the stencil over night in water/adhesive remover to get it all off).
  9. I am going to start a blog on my progress on my Beacon Hill. I wish I had done this with my Orchid. The frame and primer were done on my Beacon a couple of winters ago and then it went into hibernation for awhile while I worked on the Orchid. I have recently bought the Bromely brick stencils and I pleased with them so far. I have a few kinks to figure out, like lining up corners and getting in tight spaces. I will post picture later, my computer isn't cooperating at the moment.
  10. This is what the house looked like before I started on the bricks. I will work on getting pictures on of the bricking in progress. I found a picture of a victorian porch as an inspiration for this house. The picture of the house is at: http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/...039037642LSkAhC What a beautiful porch!
  11. I have started bricking the Beacon hill. I love these Bromely stencils. They are so easy! I have had a little trouble with the corners but I think I will eventually figure out the kinks. Here are some pics of the progress. Next entry I will add pics of the stencil process.
  12. cwoods

    Some Extras

    Things that I have made.
  13. cwoods

    Out Sophia.JPG

    This cottage is SOOOO awesome. I love it.
  14. cwoods


    Very nice. I love the detail work. What is it made from ( the very detailed iron type work)?
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