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  1. DocGreen

    ShadyBrook Cabin

    Photos of Shadybrook Cabin I made for my great niece for her upcoming birthday.
  2. DocGreen

    Baby GD Barn.

    A barn that I made for baby GD to play with. She has a farmhouse but is a bit young yet to allow her to play with it so I thought I would turn her loose with this!
  3. If you have trouble getting the Super Glue on your fingers, etc. you are probably using too much, Just a drop or two is all you need. Also, using a gel type glue will make it easier to control.
  4. What Shawn said. A few drops of super glue along with regular wood glue and you can get the part in place and then the super glue will act as a clamp to hold the part in place while the wood glue sets up.
  5. DocGreen

    Day #7

    Paint or paper before you put them together. I can't imagine trying to do it after assembly but many folks do.
  6. DocGreen


    Door does not open. She thought the Gnome Home was cool. She kissed him and rubbed his head!
  7. DocGreen

    P1090882 1

    And "cooking" on the playhouse stove I made a few years ago!
  8. DocGreen


    There was some discussion a while back about Calicos so I thought I would post a few phots of my Calico Village with baby GD enjoying herself. Hope ya'll enjoy the photos as well.
  9. DocGreen


    Figured I would through in one of baby GD and the Gnome Home I made for the tree in the front yard.
  10. DocGreen


    Surprisingly she has been very easy on the toys. Unlike some of her predecesors!
  11. DocGreen


    She'll NEVER be able to play hide and seek!
  12. DocGreen


    Thank you! She throughly enjoys playing with the village.
  13. DocGreen


    I've already made her a "real" dollhouse. Dura-Craft FH-505 which is in the gallery if you would like to see it. Not gonna let her "play" with it till she gets a bit older!
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