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  1. Hi Holly! Thanks for checking on the pinterest sites for me; I only found one pattern for a dress and that was Heidi Ott. I am not sure what duplicates you mean. Do you mean all the duplicates on my albums that have been there for years??
  2. Hi Carrie! Thank you so much for the link! I will try out one of the patterns. I have spent alot of time on the internet and the only free pattern I could find was a Heidi Ott one with no instructions. Unfortunately I don't know the names of all the artists so I can't look up there blogs.
  3. I bought a few dolls and not happy with quality of the clothing. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a free pattern for a 1:12 scale plain Victorian dress for a 6" doll that I could sew. Thanks!
  4. If you can find my Garfield album in here I have all kinds of pictures of progress as I was building it. Maybe they will help you.
  5. Oh my God! YOU should be a comedian...loved your "thoughts"! I live in an extremely windy city (nope, not Chicago) and it would never cross my mind to work on my dollhouse outside.
  6. I am working on the Beacon Hill right now. I had alot of problems understanding the instructions so I would like to give you a couple of sites to check out. The first one is JennsMinis.com...she has great pictures and instructions for pretty well everything you will be doing. I don't know where I would be if not for her. Another great one is moreminisblogspot.com. Good luck!!!
  7. Hey Jeff! I've built the Greenleaf Harrison & Garfield but nothing prepared me for the Beacon Hill. I am soooooooooo grateful for two websites. Moreminisblogspot.com and JennsMinis. I like that Jenn has BIG PICTURES and explains each step. The best way to access her I find is to actually type in what you are looking for. I can assure you that there will be alot more sections you will need help with, as I did. lol. Try this: https://jennsminis.wordpress.com/2016/09/18/beacon-hill-finishing-the-stairs-and-moving-on/. I usually go on the internet and just type in what I am looking for because I find it hard to find the topics just going on her home pge. I just type in Jenns Minis Beacon Hill stairs. Hope this helps and good luck with your build! I have been at it for 5 months finishing inside and outside. lol
  8. Gosh..we should have exchanged emails. Lol. So did you buy the house?. I forgot to mention, if you go on my Garfield album you will see how I built it in two sections. Your hinge idea would probably work.
  9. Hannah, I'm sooooo sorry! I kept checking back to see if you had replied but didn't see anything. I could not get back on the site because they were having so many problems so didn't get your message until today. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and it was late when I took the measurements for you so didn't check to see if they added up. You are right, you have to add the 6 inches for the porch to the 14 on right side. You are missing the left side of the L which is 11 inches. Sorry, don't have the time to check my calculations but they are close. I have the house sitting on a piece of plywood that is 47 x 42 which gives me space of 10" on the left from the house, 4" from the front porch, 3" from house on the right, 14 1/2" from the right side of L shape and 5" from the back. I cut off the the right side of the L (3 rooms, 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor) and just glued a couple spots in order to build the house. When everything was done I took the two sections to the room I would display it in and then glued it back on and then put the roof and shingles on. It is HUGE HUGE HUGE. Please let me know whether you built it or not.
  10. So glad to "hear" they are doing an upgrade to their system and that we were notified. I sure hope they will do something about the time and frustration in loading pictures to the albums. I don't load pictures any more as I don't have the time it takes to load them.
  11. Hannah, did you check in the Greenleaf store here, as it shows the dimensions? I just measured mine which is not easy due to the porch and my landscaping. You will have to look at pictures so you know which measurements I took. I hope this helps: left side of the house (looking from the front it's left side), is 37 inches to the porch and add 2 1/2" for the front steps. The front measures 29 inches. The right side is in an "L" shape, left side is 14 inches and the right side is 17 inches. The back is 17 inches. I hope these are close enough to help you out.
  12. Good luck with your Garfield!! Hope you have a big room in your house when you have finished it. I cut the whole right hand section off and when I was at the shingling stage moved the two pieces downstairs and finished it. It would not have fit thru my doorways. I put it in a corner as it needed to be able to turn....big big big. lol
  13. My sister in law bought me the blue kit which turned out beautiful! Porcelain fridge, toilet and bathroom sink, long wires for the lights. I did change the sofa as the material included made the glue show thru. I knew she bought herself two kits that she would never do so she brought them with her when she flew up so I could do them for her. Imagine my SHOCK to find they were NOT 1:24 scale as advertised. The yellow house must be a 1:48 and the fairy house 1:144. I would not recommend the yellow house. There was no fridge and the bathroom toilet and sink were made of wood and not sure I can wire it as there are only two inches of wire to work with. Fairy house is adorable and fortunately not too many pieces to glue together. In appreciation she sent me the pink house kit and it is beautiful as well. Toilet and bathroom sink ceramic (?), but weird...no fridge BUT TWO OVENS. An oven in the stove and a wall oven. I made the wall oven into a fridge. Do they not have fridges in China?? Anyways, just wanted to give anyone interested in these kits a heads up that only the blue and pink ones are 1:24 and good quality.
  14. Oops, I meant the $10.99 metal once is under the rather large Harrison. If it can hold a house that big it would be good for the Beacon Hill. Good Lord....too many dollhouses.lol
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