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  1. tercon

    roof top gazebo 1

    Love this idea! I might have to steal for my Pierce.
  2. Welcome Kim. My name is Connie and I'm on my first too. Been over year after the kit was started 20 yrs ago and shoved in the attic. I pulled it out and have been working on it slowly as work and raising kids. Take a look at my pictures of what i have so far. Working on the fireplce now and very time consumming. Good luck and make sure to take pictures so you yourself can be pr oud of what you have done.
  3. tercon

    connie's Pierce

    Before pictures. pierce just taken out of attic after 20 years
  4. tercon


    love your ladder
  5. tercon

    beacon area

    I'm doing the Pierce for my daughter and my son wants a light house. After looking at these pictures' gives me more excitement to get the Pierce done so I can work on this. lol Looks great!
  6. tercon


    I like this one so much better. The black hair that is.
  7. Hello and welcome to our mini family. I'm working on my first house and having a ball! The friends on this site are great for ideas. www.kimsdollshouseminitures.com www.moreminis.blogspot.com www.jennifersprintables.com for wallpaper ect. great site! www.chautauquaminiatures.com This is a local shop near me and they have everything! If you don't see it on web page you can email them or call. They are great to work with and is the largest store in the Northeast. Hope to see pictures of your house as you go. Have fun!
  8. tercon

    Bath heat register

    I love your window here.
  9. I love this house! Great job!
  10. tercon

    old cabin

    This is a cabin my daughter had to make in the 4th grade. She did this all on her own but the home made gun that is carved by her uncle in PA.
  11. tercon

    Stove cabinet

    nice work on the whole house!
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