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  1. Jocelyn


    Thank you and yes it did.
  2. This was a bargain dollhouse I purchased from Hobby Lobby for under $50.00. But there were no windows, doors, steps, some tower walls missing, the parts to make the bay windows all missing. I nicknamed it the "Frankenstein House" because it is made of new, found materials and leftover parts from every kit I've made.
  3. Jocelyn


    That's my Mountfield Dollhouse.
  4. Jocelyn

    IMG 3135

    I used paper on the post and spray paint, acrylic paint and color pencils for the porch
  5. Jocelyn

    IMG 3403

    Thanks, it's embossed stone paper
  6. Jocelyn

    Mid-town Bungalow Dollhouse

    Building of the Classic Bungalow Dollhouse
  7. Jocelyn

    IMG 3009

    I am currently finishing the house now, I modified a kit.
  8. Yes, I thought I created an album, this was my first house.
  9. Jocelyn

    IMG 3009

    Thanks, this is the passageway door and main entrance to the house from the street. On the other side is a wrought iron gate and entrance to the courtyard and side building.
  10. Jocelyn

    IMG 2939

    Thanks everyone, it started off as the house and basement kit of the Le Chateau dollhouse by Dolls House Emporium.
  11. Jocelyn


    I would love to live in this house!!!
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