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  1. Yes, that is one of the kitties. They were very interested in all the things I had kept hidden from them.
  2. chesterfieldzoo


    I have this identical urn. I still use mine.
  3. Our indoor pond sprung a leak, so after a week of dealing with flooded offices, I tried to find someone to take the fish. No dice. So I found a crew to rebuild the pond bigger. Then my stove seriously overheated and cooked my turkey to a crisp last sunday and then my washer died on tuesday. So the last two and a half weeks have been chaos. But now the pond is done (except for details) and the repairman will be out to finish fixing the oven and look at the washer on monday. Here is the pond (liner isn't trimmed yet) and one of the fish.
  4. Our indoor pond at work has sprung a leak so chaos is trying hard to take over. I called everyone I could think of in the US who has fish facilities and no one can take the fish. They are just too large. So we will be keeping them. I had to find a new liner and line up someone to help me enlarge it (may as well since the fish are too big for what we have). Now I just have to find a net big enough for them. (my catfish are about 4 foot long and about 90 pounds).
  5. Wow Selkie, I'd like to invite myself over! It all sounds wonderful. I know your party will be a hit. We have snow so we are staying in. Watching puppy bowl and puttering around the house.
  6. I updated my outdated 12 year old phone and replaced my 17 year old truck with a new one. I dislike change, but the new stuff is pretty cool!
  7. Well, thank goodness not everyone only wants native plants - not only would we not have lawns, but we would not have any oranges, lemons, most palm trees as well as thousands of other plants we all enjoy - even the 'native' azaleas were imported. As long as a plant is not invasive to the ecosystem, I don't see a problem with it. All I can find on the bees is to locate the nest and spray it with Raid or use borax on it. All sites say the first choice is to call in a beekeeper. If you find the nest, every single bit of it must be removed or they will smell it and come back. CJ, I agr
  8. No hunky types doing the stairs and I am doing half if not all the work. No fun stuff from HD either - I have enough decor for 3 houses already although I am lusting after a light system I saw on a neighbors house. It covered their whole house in tiny dots. It's very cool and looks amazing. I am thinking I will knock on the door and ask which one it is.
  9. And again, it would be helpful if people were more specific in their topic titles instead of things like - jumping for joy or I was thinking..... It would also be nice if people posted the same things in one thread instead of each person starting one to - let's say - wish everyone merry christmas.
  10. I have to go out and buy my wood to finish my (real life) staircase railings. I would prefer to spend the day crocheting.
  11. MK, I beg to differ about the kitchen. If you take the door off the oven, you can put one in there (it's even got back lighting then) and of course one on top of the stove. Get rid of the broken microwave and get a new one. The top of the fridge is also a good spot. Also take the door off the dishwasher - another spot for a house. Instead you use paper plates and takeout. It's win-win. Don't overlook the back of the toilet for a house. And if you scoot your bed forward away from the wall, you can put a board on the headboard and put a whole row of houses up there, then use the space below for
  12. Oh Jeremy, it just sounds like one punch after another. Do you have any family who could help you out? Perhaps move in with for a while and just walk away from it all and recoup and start over? I am surprised there are no government agencies that can help you out with a grant of some kind.
  13. Kathie, I am too far from the Marshall post office to offer to go there, but it is a small town and I would suggest you try calling them yourself. Hey, you never know. If they catch it, they could forward it to you or maybe to me (I am directly east of there a couple of hours)? I could send it to you then. Deb, I am so sorry about the doctor. Wish you could come here to mine - they are so good to me.
  14. With any company that uses overseas 'customer service' you can request an american person. I have done that when I get a person who's accent is too thick for me to understand. There was a big thing about it about 5 years ago that if everyone requested state side assistance it would bring more jobs back here.
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