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  1. When I did mine (granted I didn't use wood, I used posterboard), I put the windows in place with poster putty. I traced them, then removed them before I installed the siding to the lines. I did have to trim here and there with the exacto knife to get a nice fit and I do have a few gaps, but nothing major!

  2. It did come out really well! The only suggestion I have is to darken the pecans. I didn't actually realize what those were! :) I thought it was perhaps a pumpkin pie with seeds on top! It really is a great pie though! :) I havent attempted pie, only cake since that seems easier.

  3. I love her dearly. We've had her since she was 5 weeks old. Her mother delivered 7 kittens and was a feral stray my mom fed outside her home. It was the end of July and well over 100 degrees for 2 days when they were a week old. The mother became so dehydrated, that she gave up on the babies (who at that age need food every 2-3 hours or sooner!) and was gone for over a day. We nursed (and cleaned and wiped) 7 kittens, until she came home. Once she did, she took them right back like nothing had happened! But after that, she only had 6 working nipples. The two runts (Lola was one) shared.... thus how they became runts! At 4 1/2 weeks old, they were again, killing their mother. She did nothing but eat, drink and nurse in super hot weather. We finally pulled them as they were eating wet solids for the mothers own good, you could literally see all her ribs! We do regret pulling them, because of lot of them have behavioral sucking, but it was life or death... not doubt in our minds.

    A week after that, Lola was with us. All 7 babies found good loving homes and the mother was fixed promptly and returned to a normal healty weight. :)

    Lola is declawed in the front, as is our 'baby' Fillion (who out weighs Lola by 5lbs+ of lean muscle), but my Phoebe has claws. I don't like to declaw, but with pet parrots, I don't feel as though we have a choice. She is very responsible with them and has never scratched anything other than posts, and actually has no interest in birds (I dont actually think she's a cat). Fillion, however will run off with anything he can get his mouth on.... that boy is trouble and my mini's are at risk if I don't keep them in safe spots.

  4. I've worked out a floor plan with my 4 pieces of kitchen furniture (a china cabinet, a stove, a sink and a frig). The stairs will face out towards the door (so the opening is to the back window). My table and 2 chairs will sit in the living room along the dividing wall.

    I played with it a LONG time before I liked the direction. I haven't put the ceiling trip up on the stair well wall (the rest is now up) because I'm not sure how that will or won't work.

  5. Wood glue is tough. If its regular or Aileens (Eileens?) I know you can soak it off.

    But you can probably destroy the top railing and recut one of those easier than cutting a new scalloped fence piece.

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