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  1. Thanks. The two metal pieces in the shape of amonites will be part of the balustrade. Instead of putting a wooden railing, I would like one in ironwork like for the stairwell. It takes longer to make but I like the final result.
  2. I will add photos as soon as I could have progressed in the construction. Right now, I have too many professional obligations and not enough free time!
  3. Thanks! Yes I have used that plan book. I added the dormers and windows on the 3rd floor because I found it too dark without.
  4. spooky0473


    I use plastic beads and florist stem. I painted them with a mix from black and silver acrylics.
  5. Thanks. I made some change from original schematics. I take my time to buid it and I like the challenge to build all by myself!
  6. Thanks. Yes, it's foamboard. I like to use it beacause it's easy to cut, to glue (PVA glue is the most). To make it stronger, I cover all exposed parts with kraft paper.
  7. I have dreamed of this dollhouse for years. It was too expensive for me in the past and now RGT no longer sells it. So I decided to build mine with what I had at home: cardboard, foamboard ... while spending as little as possible. It takes time but it is built step by step.
  8. Maybe that link could help you: https://www.houseworksltd.com/pdf/1001-Dollhouse-Plan-Book.pdf I started to build mine in cardboard and foamboard with that book and the instructions are really easy to follow.
  9. It's a great village!!!
  10. spooky0473

    Chalet Alpin/Alpin chalet

    It a very small dollhouse in cardboard and paper, always on 1/24 scale with beaded dolls (around 7.5cm)
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