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  1. I like your ideas as well. I'd leave the stone as is. What a beautiful house!
  2. I drew out the template for the third floor on material I had laying around and sewed a "carpet" for the third floor until I get around to making better floors. I also added washi tape as trim to all the wood edges and now the house is ready to be moved into and decorated for Christmas! Still lots and lots of work to do on it for, well, forever, but the goal was to get it to a place we could decorate it this year for Christmas and its there!
  3. My daughter and I worked on cleaning up the Juniper Grove we were gifted. Our goal is to get her looking good enough to at least decorate her for Christmas this year. Today, we painted the third floor rooms, painted second floor floors, fixed all the doors and lights, and made a third floor template so I can make a sewn floor for it out of some fabric I have. After the floor is done, it will be time to start decorating!
  4. The house is here and needs a lot of TLC, but we love it! It appears to be a scratch build and built in about the 80s. All of the furniture came with it, too. First up is working on some of the floors. My daughter hasn't stopped staring at it or smiling since it got here, lol.
  5. The house came today and it is huge!!!!! It appears to have been built from scratch and has 13 rooms not including the hall/staircase. It needs some TLC as its been sitting in an attic for awhile and was built around 1991, but I just LOVE it. It also came with all of its furniture and my daughter and I were drooling looking at all the gorgeous pieces. We'll be repairing some things and laying down some floors in some rooms and then it will be time to decorate! As soon as the gallery works, I'll load pics.
  6. Good luck! The house looks like it has good bones.
  7. I cleared the space for the mystery house that's coming to live at my house and should be arriving this coming weekend. The space is all ready to go!
  8. so this is all mounting board except for the wood tops? Man, you would never know! I need to look into that!
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