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    Motorcycle cruising (the BIG V-Twins... have two of them). Computer systems (what I do for a living) and have ALWAYS been fascinated by the world of MINIATURES! :-)

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  1. Oh I SO want it! Had the last two weeks not killed my budget (and providing you haven't sold it already)... I'd offer to mail out a check for what ever you are asking for it plus any and all shipping costs... I've got the perfect place for it...
  2. If it weren't for the (what looks like a) dime... I would have thought it was real!
  3. Digithead


    As you should be.
  4. Digithead


    Makes me want to move right in...
  5. Digithead


    YEAH it does!
  6. Digithead


    I LOVE that kitchen.
  7. Digithead

    My main hobby

    Motorcycle riding has always been my primary hobby.
  8. Digithead


    Beautiful kitty... :-)
  9. Digithead


    I love this room.
  10. Digithead

    Sun porch

    Just FANTASTIC! Wonderful work!
  11. Digithead

    IMG 6420

    OMG! Attack of the GIANT CAT! :-)
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