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  1. I'm going to build each of my 3 girls a dollhouse.... I was going to build all three the same house just painted and decorated differently, you know to avoid any fights or jealousy. however, now I'm feeling that doing 3 completely different houses would better fit their personalities. I definitely want to build a Laurel dollhouse for one, but I need 2 similar in size houses..... is the Arthur similar? it looks quite a bit smaller.... maybe the westville? any suggestions would be great. I've only built a Laurel so I'm not very familiar with any other houses and their sizes....
  2. It’s been nearly a decade since I built a dolhouse.... last time I took nearly 2 years to build a laurel dollhouse. I’m starting up again since I now have 3 little girls of my own and I want to build one for my oldest’s 8th birthday next summer. I’m looking at all of the “hacks” to make it simpler and faster this time around. I have two questions: 1. do you paint and wallpaper before building the shell or after? And 2. Has anyone ever built the shell and spray painted it with good results? I’ve always just hand painted everything and it took forever! Looking to see if s
  3. feuz86


    Thanks! I used my two favorite colors from my childhood.
  4. feuz86


    I will have to look into the veneers next time! thanks for the idea! The only reason I did it this way was I was trying to save money by using left over siding strips, like I said.... next time I'm not going to worry about "saving" money; I'm going to worry about saving time.
  5. feuz86

    The Laurel

    This little monster is going to kill me!
  6. feuz86


    It was the most painstaking thing I have done so far. It makes shingling look fun.
  7. Well I posted the original post nearly 4 moths ago and it's sad to admit, but I still haven't even started to wallpaper my house yet. I am now obessing about pattern and colors. I don't want my house to look like a Magic Eye... (you know those pictures where if you go cross eyed you can see a hidden 3D picture).... I'm concerned that there are too many different floral patterns going on. So, how hard is it to remove wallpaper once it's on? you know, just incase I change my mind once again....
  8. Ok I'm a little confused about the porch roof on my laurel. How do those tabs work? they seem to only be in the way. Also there seems to be a gap between the porch roof and the house walls. Is this supposed to be there or is the roof meant to be completely up against the walls? Are the shingles supposed to cover the gap?
  9. Well I went ahead and splurged on nice dollhouse wallpaper. It wasn't cheap and now I'm even more nervous to wallpaper my laurel than before! I have built dollhouses before, but never I have wallpapered. Does anyone have any advice on wallpapering? any stories? Do's and Do not's? anything would be great, I just need a boost of confidence to get started.
  10. Ok when doing the interior of a dollhouse someone once told me to start from the top and work your way down... so start with the ceiling and then walls and then the floor.... so my question is should I put my flooring in before I wallpaper? or the other way around? or does it really matter? I'm not quite ready to wallpaper since I'm still undecided what papers are going to go in what room, but I do know exactly what flooring in each room I'm going to do. I am using leftover Greenleaf siding strips since I have like over 3 bags extra. Would it be better to do the floor first? I just don't want
  11. So I have painted and sanded the exterior of my dollhouse for the past 3 days.... and when I say sand I mean SAND FOR HOURS! and the house still has a rough feel too it each time the paint dries. I didn't have this problem with the MDF Victoria's Farmhouse that I did.... am I doing something wrong? I am building a Laurel and it has siding on it. I sanded each strip before putting it on the body, and then I sanded the whole house before painting. To the touch it was super smooth before paint to the point where I would rub my hand back and forth with no splinters. I then applied primer and sande
  12. thank you so much for all the pictures. It seems like the easiest materials to use for the price. I will post pictures soon!
  13. Has anyone used the new greenleaf vinyl hardwood flooring strips yet? any pictures by chance? I am trying to decided what to do for flooring and I think I want to do "hardwood" throughout the whole house. I just want to know if these strips are easy to work with? Do they look realistic? any feedback would be great!
  14. feuz86


    I love the paint job!!! and the roof is beautiful! love it!
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