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  1. I'm going to build each of my 3 girls a dollhouse.... I was going to build all three the same house just painted and decorated differently, you know to avoid any fights or jealousy. however, now I'm feeling that doing 3 completely different houses would better fit their personalities. I definitely want to build a Laurel dollhouse for one, but I need 2 similar in size houses..... is the Arthur similar? it looks quite a bit smaller.... maybe the westville? any suggestions would be great. I've only built a Laurel so I'm not very familiar with any other houses and their sizes....
  2. It’s been nearly a decade since I built a dolhouse.... last time I took nearly 2 years to build a laurel dollhouse. I’m starting up again since I now have 3 little girls of my own and I want to build one for my oldest’s 8th birthday next summer. I’m looking at all of the “hacks” to make it simpler and faster this time around. I have two questions: 1. do you paint and wallpaper before building the shell or after? And 2. Has anyone ever built the shell and spray painted it with good results? I’ve always just hand painted everything and it took forever! Looking to see if s
  3. feuz86


    Thanks! I used my two favorite colors from my childhood.
  4. feuz86


    I will have to look into the veneers next time! thanks for the idea! The only reason I did it this way was I was trying to save money by using left over siding strips, like I said.... next time I'm not going to worry about "saving" money; I'm going to worry about saving time.
  5. feuz86

    The Laurel

    This little monster is going to kill me!
  6. feuz86


    It was the most painstaking thing I have done so far. It makes shingling look fun.
  7. feuz86


    I love the paint job!!! and the roof is beautiful! love it!
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