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  1. The Lady Anna has been sold. I do have some Jia Yi furniture I will be selling . Will be posting pictures soon. I also have a lot of lights to sell as well.
  2. I have the following dollhouse kits for sale. They are all in unopened boxes : Garfield Pierce, box lid is slightly dented from a box sitting on top of it. Lady Anna by The House That Jack Built Please pm me with any questions.
  3. Hi Bre, I am so glad you liked Stevenson's. Isn't Kathy wonderful. Love her to pieces. I need to be making a trip there myself. Looks like you got some really nice goodies. She does have an Open House around Christmas time that is really worth a trip to the shop.
  4. This one is in Mechanicsburg, Pa about 30 min or so from Hershey. Awsome place. The owner is very knowledgeable and a wonderful person. The shop is very small, but she packs a lot into it and has some very beutiful pieces. http://yellowpages.wgal.com/stevenson+s+do...7458p.home.html
  5. I agree with Holly and Starfire. The front gable looks unfinished. The rest of the house is beautiful, very nautical. I think shingles would be the perfect finishing touch. As I looked at the pictures, the house was whispering for some dark blue accents. But I have to confess I am a color addict You should be very proud of the job you've done.
  6. I have purchased some of these rugs and they are very nice. Since she is from Canada, be prepared to wait for their arrival. If you prefer "computer generated and printed' rugs, minibeesknees has some very nice ones.
  7. Here's a tutorial from Holly ! http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/i...q=sc&cat=43
  8. It's awesome Michelle. I'm sure Tabby will LOVE IT. Please post pics of when you give it to her. God bless you for you have a good heart.,
  9. Roni

    Maggie - bigger.JPG

    I am so sorry Maggie is ill. I know all to well how hard it is to lose a beloved fur baby. I sure Maggie is getting a lot if extra love and attention until it's her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
  10. Roni

    tabby's house 007.JPG

    Awesome job Michelle.
  11. Kate, I just updated the images in the gallery, I added about 20 more to what was already there. Help yourself :lol:
  12. Roni

    1/144th scale wallpaper

    1/144th scale wallpapers and flooring
  13. Corwin, just uploaded a bunch of 1/144th scale wallpapers in the Gallery. Feel free to download anything you like.
  14. Roni

    The Orchid

    Great job, wherever did you find the Sheltie on the porch?
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