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  1. It's awesome Michelle. I'm sure Tabby will LOVE IT. Please post pics of when you give it to her. God bless you for you have a good heart.,
  2. Roni

    Maggie - bigger.JPG

    I am so sorry Maggie is ill. I know all to well how hard it is to lose a beloved fur baby. I sure Maggie is getting a lot if extra love and attention until it's her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
  3. Awesome job Michelle.
  4. Roni

    1/144th scale wallpaper

    1/144th scale wallpapers and flooring
  5. Roni

    The Orchid

    Great job, wherever did you find the Sheltie on the porch?
  6. Roni

    Furniture Finds

    I had to have them !
  7. Gina, There is another Willowcrest and it is $38.00 item # 230226315962 There are 6 days to go so I would wait till the last day about an hour or so before the auction ends and watch it. Then bid on it closer to the end if it isn't out of your range.
  8. My apologies to all. the file is so large that it exceeds the limit I can send through my email. You can sign up, to get the book for free at www.burchell-miniatures.com I don't gen any junk email from them and the site is safe. There may even be something else there that you would like. The book is truly free and as soon as you sign up you can download it.
  9. If anyone else would like to have the quilt printies book, just send me you email address. I like to share :o
  10. Sally, If you send me your email address, I can send you a "book" of quilt printies. It is in pdf format so if you have Adobe Reader you can open it and print out on fabric if you wish. The file is to big to post here.
  11. I vote for A too, but like everyone is saying, you might want to hear what the Lady Garf has to say about it. I'm working on Miss Willow(crest). I wanted a deep cranberry color and that didn't suit her in the least. She wants a Rosy pink so rosy pink it will be. Sometimes I think the Painted Ladies have a tendancy to be a little to bossy.
  12. This site has the Pretty Pleater for $17.95 for the Small and Medium, $26.95 for the large. http://cynthiahoweminiatures.com/shop/inde...amp;cPath=25_27
  13. I would like to do a shotgun house . Here is a link to a Southwest Bungalow. Also a really beautiful Victorian Cottage. http://www.allthingsmini.com/HeritageDollHomes/Index.htm
  14. Roni

    Close up

    I love this furniture. I bought the same set for Miss Willow(crest). I also have the dining room table and 6 chairs. they are just incredible. You room is beautiful.
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