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  1. AJH


    Thankyou Emerald ;)
  2. AJH


    Thanks NellBell i tried my best
  3. AJH

    16th Century house

    Thank you NellBell
  4. AJH

    1/12th Oil on panel.

    Thank you Myangela
  5. AJH

    1/12TH Ivory Casket.

    You know soapz i would never had thought i had the ability to make things like this, i've always had an Artistic streak inside myself and have tried many different subjects from painting to sculpture but was never truly happy with what i created that was until i started making miniatures , As we progress and learn from our mistakes and errors our work can only get better and better
  6. Thank you Dalesq Many thanks too Soapz
  7. AJH

    1/12th Ivory Casket

    Thank you Dalesq
  8. AJH

    1/12TH Ivory Casket.

    Thank you chapchap73 , if possible i would add secret drawers and compartments to all the pieces i make they give the piece a unique enigmatic charm
  9. Thank you chapchap73
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