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  1. Of course, Greenleaf can do whatever they choose, but what a craven way of getting the word out. I doubt that any other company has the following they have, and the very least should have been an announcement -- and an explanation by Dean. I am extremely disappointed... to the point of being angry about how this was handled, and I know that others here have been looking forward to this a hundred times more than I. As far as I'm concerned, they've lost me as a committed Greenleafer. Oh, I will still build my minis but except for all of you, who I consider friends now, I've lost my love -- a
  2. Oh, of course it will get better, and I hope it stays better for you! Just take a look at the twinkle in your grands eyes... that should help!
  3. Morgan, did you notice that there are some really nice do-it-yourself kits under the tab by the same name (DIY Kits), with good prices ( http://sasminidolls.weebly.com/diy-kits.html ) ! Comes with the body parts (sounds gruesome, doesn't it?), clothing, etc., so it's all there... you just need to put it together. I just love the expressions on the all her dolls' faces -- absolutely not your run-of-the-mill dolls! The prices on the full-sized dolls may be high for some of us (myself included, unless I give up something else!), but when I think about the hours of work that goes into each doll, n
  4. Happy anniversaries to all of you who are celebrating!
  5. Just found a wonderful doll maker, whose work can be seen at http://sasminidolls.weebly.com/ I found one of her dolls on eBay and was very much impressed by the detail and the quality of her work, that I thought I'd share it here. After seeing (and using) the same old Houseworks dolls, this was like a breath of fresh air!!! The dolls run about $65 each, and I think they're absolutely worth every penny of that price!
  6. Oh wait up guys! Keurig didn't write the review. Cnet wrote this independent review about the Keurig model I had thought I'd settled on -- not the Hamilton Beach model that Selkie suggested and which, especially because of that lousy review, looks so good by comparison!
  7. Yes, of course, Gloria, I do realize that many people just love their coffee and, even if they have to forego the caffeine, they enjoy it enough to drink decaf! I used to be one of those... I never had a problem with caffeine, and still don't (unless I drink it near bedtime). I'm just getting tired of coffee, I guess, and looking for variety!
  8. No. I didn't say that correctly. Not CNN - my mistake, but cnet -- http://www.cnet.com/products/keurig-k75-platinum-brewing-system/ A ridiculous amount of money when you think about it, considering that I have two perfectly good 12-cup coffee makers right here!
  9. Well, Selkie, it seems that I'm just as un-classy as you are! I drink coffee for the caffeine!!! Duh! That's why I just cannot understand how or why anyone drinks decaf! What's the point??? I drink it in the morning with my breakfast and it lasts until it's finished. Definitely is an eye opener. I've just been getting tired of the same old, same old -- or maybe it's because my daughter likes it so strong. I used to drink a MUG of espresso in the morning -- strong enough so that the spoon stood up in it (or so they said!), but not any longer. I just want a new taste that will also make my
  10. Has anyone here played The Fool's Errand (by Cliff Johnson)? Took us a few months (!) to get to the end and it was fabulously difficult! There's a new one out called The Fool and His Money, which I haven't bought, but this looks like a source not only for this game, but others as well... maybe free ones also... http://www.fools-errand.com/ I will study it when I'm not half asleep, but I wanted to share this while I remembered!
  11. Selkie, how clever this Hamilton Beach unit is, and significantly less than the price of the Keurig I had my eye on. Plus, it'll make a whole pot of coffee for those times it's called for. Definitely in the running, maybe at the top of the list. Hand wash? What's that? I seem to recall that phrase -- right up there, along with ironing, Debra! Hmm. I'll let you know what I decide on, but I must say that one of the Keurig reviews had that model reviewed as making nasty, bitter-tasting coffee. I don't think that's what I had in mind!
  12. That's about what I do with the coffee maker I have now. I can make up to 12 cups in it (if we have friends in, as we often do), but that's not what I'm looking for. I wanted the variety of flavors, without buying a pound of coffee in a given flavor (that I'd wind up tossing if I didn't like it). I wasn't just looking for a good coffee maker to replace what I have; I have a couple of good coffee makers, in fact. It was the idea of what the Keurig (et al) did that intrigued me, which is why I'd asked for reviews! Thanks, Holly, for the suggestion. I always appreciate your advice ;~)!
  13. Holly, are these one-shot deals like the pods? Now that my daughter is here with me (guys, help me hope that she finds a teaching job here and can stay!!!) and she drinks strong coffee, I thought I'd get one of these pod coffee makers so that I'd have the choice of flavors with, literally, next to no work involved!
  14. I, too, love the tights! Mind you, it took me a while to find them, but find them, I did! Tricky, tricky, tricky! I also went through your galleries (in search of tights, but found so many other goodies), Heidi. Nice work!!!
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