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  1. Lady Grey


    I love this bathroom. I love the frosty green color. The shower/bath is just great. So much detail. The trash can is pretty and so is that lovely rug.
  2. I compare my dollhouse to a fine painting that one would purchase for a home. My dollhosue is my work of art from my own fantacies. I like to move things around and rearrange settings. I have redone lighting in a few of the rooms. I love to just sit and look at my beautiful piece. It is a treasure. I just plain like to play with it. I am already dreaming of my next house - the Woodstock. Where do I put them? Anywhere I want to feature them. I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas. I have all the ingredients. I agree with above posts that only other mini people would understand.
  3. Lady Grey


    This is lovely. What scale is this? What will you do with it? I cannot wait to see!
  4. Lady Grey


    Thank you! My Greyhound room turned into a library/sitting room. When I get them made, I will post pictures of my bridge babies and the Rainbow Bridge poem.
  5. Lady Grey


    Such a cute setting like Alice in Wonderland. She is beautiful with that lovely red hair and big blue eyes. You captured the sweetest picutre. Make it a poster.
  6. this is truly amazing. I must ask, are the trees in the background real? Did you make the big trees as well? This should be in a museum. I love all the details in this house. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thank you for the quick response. I will write that down for future reference. I am enjoying your project. It is lovely.
  8. What is the product that makes the reflection pool water? Is it Liquid Nails?
  9. I certainly appreciate this information and explanation here. Good information indeed. My main point - which may have not been properly stated - was that I personally feel that mandating can and has been at times gotten out of hand. Decision makers in these matters should be very carefully chosen. On a lighter note, I only have one RGT and will only ever have one RGT to pass down as a family heirloom. Thus far, I only have one piece of furniture in the house.
  10. I agree with you 100%!!! "They" are pushing so many drugs on children these days it is scary! And they always have the obligatory coercion of how "necessary", "preventive", and "wonderful" their ideas are. I would do massive research and go with a real "gut" feeling about things like this. Personaly, I think this ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) scam is - well - just that - a scam. Way too political indeed.
  11. Thank you. Well said. I have just ignored him and when on bragging about how wonderful my miniature house is. LOL. I have been the first one to introduce the miniature world to him. I have said to him, "try it, you will like it"! He did finally apologize. Wonderfully said. Thank you.
  12. My husband!! Although he helped me with a light fixture wiring, he has said "why dont you get into a hobby that can appreciate in value and make money"? "This hobby just sucks the life out of the bank account". He thinks the hobby is ludicrous.
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