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  1. From the album: San Franciscan Interior

    I made a huge faux pas, I made the loo the largest of the room in the San Franciscan....before proceeding I decided to switch the master with the bathroom....it required re-flooring the bathroom, removing the tile walls and wallpapering. The drapes which I made and stitched every little ring to the drapes and then hung them on the rod I made....to say I way annoyed was an understatement. In the end it was worth every sore fingertip...the master bedroom is elegant and airy yet welcoming. The Bespaq settee sits in front of the windows so the mistress can put on her shoes or read a chapter or t
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  2. From the album: Glencroft

    The upper left room is going to be a study, and I'm working on furniture for it.
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  5. From the album: Mini Paintings

    My latest mini painting .. this one is going to live at @Qubanqtee’s house.

    © @Samusa

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  7. From the album: Mini Paintings

    Hand for scale. I gave this one a larger May and frame than usual because my mother is not a miniaturist
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  8. From the album: Mini Food Creations over the years

    I just love how the “cream cheese frosting” came out.
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  10. From the album: Bianca Diana, a Lake House

    Yesterday I got sidetracked with the Robin Betterley Lydia Pickett Ladies Writing Desk kit that just arrived. I spent a LOT of time gently sanding all edges to remove any laser soot, and time shaping the legs. As recommended I didn’t glue the hutch onto the desk yet. I will wait until I paint or stain it. I'm excited to finally add this piece to my collection. I think, once complete, it will reside in the Bianca Diana, but things do move around.

    © DAL Minis

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  12. From the album: Street of Shops

    Framed vintage photos of carpets and carpet-making. I glued the photos face-up to the underside of clear plastic (for "glazing"), painted small cove molding then cut it and glued the pieces to the plastic, trimmed the plastic after the glue was dry, and disguised the cut edges with a bit of black paint.
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  13. From the album: Bianca Diana, a Lake House

    I always line drawers now as a finishing touch.

    © DAL Minis

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  14. From the album: The Newport 2019

    So I almost finished the laundry/mudroom today. The client wanted this fun polka dot wallpaper and it was clear that the aged brick floor just made the room too busy. I opted for this peel and stick tile instead. Now to install some lights and see if I can make some cabinets and a bench.
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  15. From the album: Needlework

    This is a Janet Granger design I modified by changing from a square rug to a rectangle. I did this by doubling the center design and extending the side borders into longer lattice designs. I also chose different colors; I used three reddish browns, two which are closer in tone than the third, cream, and green. I plan to use this in a Regency parlor roombox.
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  16. From the album: Mini Paintings

    A painting (commissioned) of a mini friends hayfield.
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  17. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Love this wallpaper I downloaded from Etsy from Cobble Hill MIniatures! It goes perfectly with the desk that good friend Meghan of Dollhouse Smithery (on Etsy) made especially for this build. Love it - I'm so lucky to have such a talented friend! I 3D printed the little house on top but have yet to paint it.
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  18. From the album: Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    Parquet floor I added to my Green Room. I had bought the flooring years ago- it doesn’t look like they sell it anymore. Thank Goodness I had enough of it to complete the room. It went on tiny piece by piece but was really fun to do. It’s made from real walnut and cherry wood veneers.
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  19. From the album: Mini Food Creations over the years

    This is the very first item I sold years ago. One of my favorite breads “cornbread”.
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  20. From the album: Needlework

    This was an old vintage kit that I loved because it's a copy of that famous medieval unicorn tapestry. When finished, it will be a firescreen in a future tudor build.
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  21. From the album: Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    Ok I spent an entire day stripping this cart down and re staining it to get rid of the mahogany finish.

    © Blue Moon Doll Studio

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  22. From the album: Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    My peasant girl (Blue Moon Doll Studio) in the Sugarplum cottage.

    © Blue Moon Doll Studio

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  23. From the album: San Franciscan Interior

    her kitchen has many of her favorite things, her espresso maker for her Cuban coffee in the morning, my Mom loved Milanos, and while they probably weren't around in 1922 in real life, since this isn't I decided she could have Milanos. Cuban Coffee is on the top shelf, along with her Mortar and Pestle. My Mom would grind all of her spices daily in that thing...she should've been a pharmacist! She loved Bananas with her breakfast and a little scoop of Papaya didn't hurt ether. Cuban seasonings and spices sit atop the stove .... waiting for the magic to begin.
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  24. From the album: folk art room box

    Just finished making the floorboards and placed the items I've made or picked out so far.
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  25. From the album: Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    More photos on my Facebook page Blue Moon Doll Studio
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  26. From the album: Furniture-mini of course

    The wood I used is from an old kitchen chair from the 80’s Big chair->little chair.
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  28. From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    A bit of fun with the sofa in place and one column painted. A piece of paper to simulate a painting which will go there.
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  29. From the album: Santa and Mrs. Claus' House

    This is the 1sr Santa house I made - from about 6 or 7 years ago. Merry Christmas.
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  30. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    I've made all the lighting for the house myself - some with 3d printed components I have printed.
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