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  1. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    I love how it's turned out. The little owl planter and fox ornament are from Barklay's minis on Etsy.
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  3. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Meghan of Dollhouse Smithery (on IG and Etsy) made this gorgeous desk for this build for me. I downloaded the stationery from Etsy - Zenas Miniatures. I created the crystal collection from my own.
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  4. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Tynne is planting into her new indoor planter box. She's getting a lot of dirt on the floor.....
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  5. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Fireplace vent made by me with various odds and ends. I used a Chrome paint pen which I now LOVE! I made the window box - the decoration I designed and cut on the Cricut.
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  6. Almost all of my embroidery floss and aida and even weave fabrics come from thrift stores.
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  7. What a great idea to build a practice house! Over the top and perfect! With those gross water stains, perhaps some flaking plaster bits on that lovely floor?
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  8. Kitchen is the first room that has all walls, ceiling, and floor done!! This is my second floor, and I love it After creating it I felt as though it looked too "good" or "new" so i used a darker stain and went around the 'blocks', then lightly sanded and applied two coats of varnish. This worked out great and I am so excited to do the next floor (which will be the living room). While I still see where I could have done better, I am really pleased with how much I have improved just between the two floors Sorry about the wonky angle - this was the best photo of the cei
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  10. What a lot of character! I'd like to know her backstory!
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  11. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Perfect for Tynne's needs. This is a Fujimi kit.
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  12. He truly was talented and generous. I was so so lucky to do his workshop in 2014 just before his accident and I have been so grateful I took that opportunity, not only because I learnt so much and got to spend time with him, but also because he was a big influence on me ditching my day job and taking up miniatures full time. We had dinner one night - Rik, Shellie (from Shellie’s Minis in San Carlos) and myself and my husband - and both Rik and Shellie gave so much encouragement and advice that I have never forgotten. They were so kind. And also fun. So many people out there will be so sad that
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  14. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Tynne is very happy to finally be in her new home.
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  15. Sounds like you're whizzing along Jeannine! Annoying when we have to take an enforced break sometimes, but sounds like you have other bits to work on that'll hopefully give your hands some recovery time. Natasha has concussion after being pushed and knocking her head on a tree. There isn't a mark on her (normally she bruises really easily) but headaches, dizziness and visual disturbances persisted, so she's now under doctors orders for the week for no physical activity like running, swimming, dancing, messing around, and reduced mental activities at school, no screen (fairly easy, they'r
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