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  1. We took The Kid with us to the local flea market where I found the station & store (Brimble's) kit for the 1:48 Greenleaf Village. The seller took one look at the hubs' USMC cap and my cane and knocked $2 off his $5 asking price! He also had several O-scale kits, but I far prefer building in wood to plastic! In this picture it's the right and left end buildings on the back row:
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  2. Aw, it is so hard to get angry with them when they look so darn adorable.
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  3. I aged the bricks on a resin fireplace finished in plain, very brown brick. I dabbed on 2 shades of brownish craft paint with a stipple brush. One was raw sienna, I think the other was iron oxide. Then I used a blend of off white and a creamy light brown color and applied that lightly with a smaller stipple brush, rubbing it in with my finger till I got the look I wanted. I can't seem to upload a picture, so here's a link to it. You probably don't need to prime the latex sheet. I'm pretty sure I recall seeing posts at times by people who've retouched acrylic sheet bricks and floors,
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