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    I hope this house is not as chatty as the Granville was. That house didn't shut up for a whole year. It seems like the more it talked, the more I spent $$$ on trying to make it be quiet!
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    I googled "jewelry box hook latch" and found all sorts of small, flat hook latches.
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    From the album: Formal botanical Train garden with 1:24 scale houses

    Chavenage House from the Poldark series, in 1:24 scale will be here in about 3 weeks! This was my idea but the builder thought it would be too big too ship so I sketched out a recognizable version at a manageable size, which is most of what you see here .And he only makes one of a kind structures. I am so excited about it.
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    Kelly, thanks for all the information on the house. The guy I am buying it from has been hard to communicate with about the whole deal. It's taken over a week just to pinpoint if it was still available and make a firm up a pickup time. I will be picking it up next Saturday on my way back from the Dallas Miniature show. I will look on the bottom to see if it's signed. He said he got it from his neighbor lady, who passed away last year, and he was planning on finishing it, but decided they just didn't have room for it. He had no idea what he had, which is lucky for me since I got this one at a good price. Not sure if I should add those additions back on to make it look authentic or if it really matters. Do you think I should add the additions back on?
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    From the album: Miniature Porcelain Dolls

    .This is a kit from Dana Burton. She painted the face, I dressed her with the direction and materials from her kit. I used A chest that I purchased from Amazon after @grazhina found one Amazon. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=42869#comment-683701
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    Isn't it, though? That is one gorgeous house!
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    @1martinimomma this to me looks exactly like your house! Im so excited for you! Cant wait until its in your hands!!!
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    LOL. I bet most of us can identify with this. I know I can! Oh, and P.S., I looked at the photos of that house in your gallery. Yowzah, it's impressive!
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    Can you do a sketch of the house? I used to do that but have used Photoshop for a long time. Make it as accurate to scale as possible but you don't have to draw in every detail, at least just get the basic shapes and sizes correct. Make photocopies of your original which you can play around with. You can add various additions, even if you have to put those on separate pieces of paper and tape them alongside. Can also change colors, add trims, sketch in different kinds of doors and windows. It really helps. Many times I've thought I had a perfect picture in my mind. "This is what I'm going to do!" Then when seeing it, I realized certain things didn't work or they threw off the balance of a piece entirely. Photoshop takes some practice but is a breeze once you get the hang of it. It is perfect for this purpose and a heck of a lot easier than spending hours (or days!) doing something for real, finding out it doesn't work, and then having to undo it! I've done at least 15 iterations of my Rosedawn in Photoshop and that's saved me from potentially doing at least one very major screw-up. I'll dig out a few examples and post them on a different thread if you want to see what I'm talking about.
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    I love it when a house finally speaks to you! I have been working on the Vineyard Cottage again, pushing to get it finished up. I bought a "halloween-ish" bookshelf that I just fell in love with. I really had no plans for it, but bought it anyway. Then the Vineyard spoke up! So now I am going to make it a witch's cottage. I had planned on painting the outside purple, so it all fell together. I pulled out my J Hermes "skeletons in the closet" wallpaper and some matching sheets. I then discovered a couch and chair I had bought about a year ago with a Halloween theme. It is all starting to fall together (in my head).
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    I found this in Pinterest http://hannajaleijona.blogspot.com/2015/10/matto-ohje-rag-rug-tutorial.html
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    Wait until you have lived with the house for a while before you think about this. Let the house tell you what it wants.
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    I love this so much I just love stone houses.
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    Wonderful! Looking forward to seeing it!
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    The house came with both additions on it as far as I know. I'm pretty sure they weren't kits. Although one time I do remember talking to someone who had a Joseph Angel house for sale in Seattle and he swore up and down he got it as a kit. He may have meant unfinished. It's missing that one roof piece, so maybe someone started to take it apart. Those houses were put together using long staples and let me tell you, it's a royal pain in the as - a royal pain to get those things out. I wouldn't be surprised if someone started breaking it down and quit. Have you checked the bottom of the house yet? It should be signed and numbered and the one I had also had the Elliott Bay name on the bottom as well. Anyway, I found a good buy if anyone is in Florida: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Holly-Hobbie-Homeplace-dollhouse-1-12-scale-wood-good-condition-assembled/362639080064?hash=item546ef93a80:g:i~QAAOSwLzFczLl0
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    Try an internet search for "small hook and latch"
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    This is all very much cool! For years I built 1:20.3 railroad models with the hope to have a garden railway someday. Then I realized I loved building more than I loved running trains. So now I build dollhouses and miniatures. Still love trains though. I will be watching your progress with great interest. John
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    Many times writing out the problem reveals the solution. Glad it’s worked out for you. Looking forward to seeing the finished results.
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    From the album: Formal botanical Train garden with 1:24 scale houses

    I am really pleased with the two hand made LED lighted houses I purchased from Rick at Ketchum Hollow Depot on Etsy The base is removable.
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