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    Well I tried to get back to building in January and then was wiped out twice with the flu. I had bought this little prebuilt kids wooded dollhouse in Tuesday Moring and thought I would try to make something out of it. I couldn't figure out the scale so it was on the small size so I went with half scale. I worked on it between bouts of feeling awful. Almost done with it because I want to move on to the RGT Victorian half scale farm house that I have been saving up to do. I was also trying to learn how to do felting. I stuck myself a lot but starting to get the hang of that. I want to make residents for my builds....usually animals. I've been away from the forum so long its going to take me a week of reading to try and catch up.
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    Yeah, kinda odd... I actually am not a fan of L shaped houses, but the Garfield may have been better suited to this bash, since its door is flat on the wall. With the Pierce's door catty-cornered like it it, it seems off, and you can tell something is missing.
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    I finished (and started!) the 1:288 NAME 40th Birthday house today by Robin Betterley. It's so cute! One more of those tiny kits left, the Christmas Story house. I hope to work in that tomorrow. In between deciding on and planning my grandson's birthday cake. My 3 choices are pretty easy, maybe a little hard, and probably above my skill set but I have to learn someday.
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    It is a Greenleaf Pierce, with a side of the house cut. Very interesting that the builder wanted to have a flat back when one of the main beauties of this kit is precisely the L shape. We might be so used to see the long porch on the left side, that this one looks weird to me. Some will like it for sure. What is for sure blown out of proportion is the amount of money that they are pretending to get! wao!
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    We don't get too many Greenleaf dollhouses here so I was surprised when I found this on our local buy/sell website. It looks very much like a Pierce - but like half of it is missing. Any ideas? I'm not looking at purchasing but will be interested to see if it sells for the price. https://www.trademe.co.nz/toys-models/dolls/houses-furniture/houses/auction-1545993856.htm?rsqid=4f9840b44b064b19a641e1e687c54654
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    From the album: Maine Manor >>>> The Pierce

    The Pierce I'm redoing.....it's not talking to me yet........but I'm moving along on it??
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    Anna, that is coming along so cute!
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    I have just sent you a Message I have the Plastic that I'm not using.
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    The 2nd photo of the garage interior of the grand prize winner could have passed as real. The exposed weathered 2x4’s were insanely real looking! as my tastes tend to run more contemporary/modern, I liked the Belmont.
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    Hi Tracy, This kit is basically a small L shape because of the tower. There is one room on the first floor and the other two floors have 2 rooms each. The tower is closed off on the 3rd floor (similar to the Fairfield tower) and the roof is removable. In my Cape May build, I extended the tower back so I have access to it without having to remove the roof. I hope this helps! Matt
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    Hi Rox! Sorry to hear about the flu-- been dodging that myself. Getting something done on that pink Tennyson this long weekend. Show us some of your felting-- never tried it, love to see it!
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    Grand Prize winner https://www.miniatures.com/Webpage.aspx?WebpageId=2055&media=WPC3815
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    I love that Bath Caddy ( if I had time to sit in the tub) What a great idea you had.......
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    That is lovely Karin...There is so much you can do with this. You did a great job melding the two pieces together!
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    Oh wait --I see you are outside of US. I have no idea what miniature market is like in Auckland. I wonder if it will sell.
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    I like it --but it pretty much lost its parlor. I like the small upper hallway. It should be priced at $75. That isn't what sellers like to hear, but the market is not there for what they are asking --no matter how much time was spent on it.
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    Beautiful table Keith. As for glue with upholstery, I've had good luck using quilt basting spray glue during some stages of the upholstery process. Aerosol can. Sold in sewing sections of craft stores or quilt shops. Allows you to be able to reposition the fabric. A Facebook friend had recently shared a picture of a farm style table she made and then paired the table with handmade upholstered parson chairs in a delicate floral pattern. It was a really nice contrast between the more masculine rustic vibe of the table and the soft chairs.
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    Thank you The inlay turned out ok but it wasn’t without its struggles. Although sometimes I think my standards are unattainable. Thank you but sometimes its more sanding than cutting.
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    Thanks for the info Tracy. I spent some time yesterday pouring some new molds I've been collecting. I've got a little bit of an addiction going. Anyway...I tried this mannequin mold combined (joined in greenware stage) with a doll head/torso that I already had and I think it's going to be really neat. It would remove the need for a doll stand altogether, having to assemble legs and underwear, shoes etc..(would be good for beginner costumers to try) A full skirt would be designed over the shape. I won't know how well it's going to work until it gets fired (I'm concerned about whether or not the height will be correct) but if it works out I will be very happy
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    From the album: Miscellaneous

    My new saw that I got for Christmas.....
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    I don't think it matters who you got it from. He made me spindles for a RGT house
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    From the album: Pierce - Dragon fairy house

    Dinning room done - I think . I love how you notice details in a photo on the rug think I need to paint the white that showing to match better.
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    From the album: Pierce - Dragon fairy house

    Just finished the fireplace I love it especially the thingy that holds the wood in place ( don't know the name of it ) BUT it has dragons on it . It still needs logs a fire light and bricks added .
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    While I agree the chair wasn’t traditional by any means, I thought it had some classic lines that would appeal to a wide range of tastes. This table on the other hand probably will not, its more of a experimental/learning exercise to see what my limits are. Trying some different building techniques, woods and stains.
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    I have been reading for some time now and I keep learning from you all. Thanx for that. I have posted this before but somehow my post appeared in someone's post... So I hid it Some months ago I started my build and I am having so much fun! If you like you may visit my blog http://omamargot.blogspot.nl/ (It is written in Dutch, sorry for that.) Don't look at all my mistakes, for instance putting the windows in before wallpapering! I will never be as good as most of you good people. But I am having a very good time.
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