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    From the album: Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

    Today I made an origami kimono. It's way too big, but at least I know how to do it and can try again with smaller paper. I also spent hours making a kimono stand from memory of some I had seen on the internet. Unfortunately, that came out too big too. I measured carefully to what I thought would be a good size, but when I put it into the house, it looks huge!!!
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    My name is Kathie, and I'm a minilosefindriac. I can lose something within arms length while sitting at my desk or work table. Having recognized this condition some time ago, I have developed a strong ability to Wait It Out, knowing that sooner or later the item will reveal itself. [ Yes, reveal itself. I'm not taking all the blame for this condition! ]
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    From the album: Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

    Got two floors lit in the ryokan. If only I could find the third battery connector. Without that, I can't light the top floor.
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    It's hard to discern facetious and sarcasm without context.
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    Mike, Don't you know "Love is never having to say your sorry"?
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