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The White Rose

The White Rose


The windows are in!

I like to do windows last, so that means that the interior window trim sits around ready to go for a long time because I prep it with the trim for each room (baseboards, etc.). So it's pretty exacting trying to get the windows in without messing anything up. The most challenging was the oval window at the base of the stairs just inside the doors. Lining this one up reminded me why I should have done this earlier. But sometimes there is nothing you can do.

Bragging rights: There is NO glue residue on my window "glass." My technique is to cut the acetate to fit slightly lapping the interior trim, leaving about half as much wood of the trim width exposed. Then I use almost no glue, just minuscule dots, to secure the "glass" in place. I run a tiny bead of glue around the edge of the glass on the wood. Just enough to glue the trim to the wall. This avoids smears of glue to clean up. It's exacting and time-consuming, but worth not having to try to get that stuff off without clouding the glass.

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The White Rose

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