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Wooden shapes
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Wooden shapes


Cutting out shapes with a computer controlled router / cut-out tool.

Circles, ovals, squares, rectangles are drawing tools in the CNC software. They can not be angled - if you wanted the grain at an angle.

The plaques, duck, star, heart & unicorn are free carvings I download from the internet. There were 2000 all together.

The CNC software comes with a small set of fancy carvings also. Filagrees, rosettes, shells, Fleur de Lis, etc.

You'll notice the unicorn did not come out very well - it was reduced from 8" to 3" - it lost detail because the cutting bit is too large - 1/8" dia.

The Baltic birch plywood is approx. 12"x24"x1/8".


© MP2014
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the fancy rectangles could be turned into trays :D I like!


Good idea! If we go into carve mode we can actually carve out a tray in almost any shape. :) Can't cut out the handle holes unless the handle sides are cut separately then glued in place.

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