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Devsonshire Hall - 1/2 Scale Rosedale.... gift from Debora

Devsonshire Hall - 1/2 Scale Rosedale.... gift from Debora

I got the cutest little seashell set from Debora today... this is 1/2 scale so you can imagine how tiny it is... I don't know how she made that tray... and look at that adorable starfish.... she sent the mounted seashell too....

The only BAD thing that came out of this adorable set is Mr. Wigglesworth had decided he wants to take up seashell collecting... gads...

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1/2 scale Rosedale - Devonshire Hall

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Aw shucks! :blush: I am sooooo happy you like it! The tray is made with a Sculpy tile that is 1/2 inch square and was made from marbled Sculpy rolled less than 1/32 inch thick, a piece of watercolor weight paper cut slightly larger (for the bottom) and to fit the tray side pieces that were cut from the same heavy paper using fancy edge scissors. The teensy shells and starfish were the tiniest ones gleaned from lots I bought of each. The mounted shell is glued onto an earring post as a stand.

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thank you Debora... I was staring at it with my mouth hanging open... trying to figure out how you made those side panels so perfect.... it is amazing! and that starfish seriously is so perfect... I love it....

Blondie... I think Mr. Wigglesworth has a secret thing for cats... he has 3.... (grin).... that painting is too big for that spot, but he wouldn't let me move it :)

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Amazing creations! I completely agree with Mr. Wigglesworth, if I didn't live so deep in the swap and snow I'd collect them too :p

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