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The White Rose

The White Rose


I had to completely redo the floor for the parlor. I trashed it trying to install the first floor paper, but recut this piece using the ruined original as a template. I've had a couple of challenges in the room already. First, since I like to build dormers and bays separately and then attach them, I needed to decide early because of this paper how I would deal with the vertical corners at the join. I had originally decided to just use a wood trim to cover the corners. I had stained the pieces the same color as the baseboards, but as I looked at them, they looked too dark to me. I shy away from really dark rooms, and this room is already filled with dark colors and patterns, so I needed to do something else. I decided to cover the corners with a "corner" of the wallpaper. First I tried covering the trim pieces with the wallpaper, but it was too thick looking. So crazy person here, I decided to just fold the paper, using the papers own thickness. I carefully lined up a scrap piece to pick up the border pattern in the right place and cut the strips. Then folded the outside edges into the center fold, creating corner trim strips out of the wallpaper. I then glued them into place. The first one I didn't think all the way through, and got a slight wavy vertical edge as the glue started causing the paper to unfold. (It's the one on the left.) I kept having to roll it under on that edge, thus the waviness. But I was committed and couldn't pull the corner off without ruining the paper on that tiny wall stub and in the bay. So I just kept working it and it turned out okay. The second corner was a breeze, because I first glued down the folded edges and let that set before gluing the corner into position. Nice straight lines :)

I'm not sure if I will want to create a "fire" for the fireplace yet. I'd seen this look in a Robin Carey house and really liked it so I looked for images I'd like in the fireplace. I found a couple I liked, but then thought of the wallpaper border in this room and decided to enlarge a detail from it. I like how it ties together. I will redo the image on a better paper. This is just a test piece to see how it looks. This way I can leave the fireplace removable for now.

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The White Rose

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the floor is awesome... sorry you had to re-do it... but it turned out amazing
Thanks Kelly. I hope you know it's a floor paper. I didn't do each of those little parquet squares. :lol: I love the pattern though.
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This room is incredible-the floor paper is stunning! And I love your wallpaper corner covers!! What a great idea! I've seen that sort of thing in real life,on wallpaper in a doctor's office building,but just never really 'thought' about it until now! I will definitely remember that technique!

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