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Secret passage

This is the way to Panama. For anyone who hasn't seen the film, the Panama canal was in the cellar and the crazy brother Teddy who thought he was Teddy Roosevelt, would go and dig the Panama canal and then the dotty old sisters would bury their victims' bodies in the holes he dug.

I decided to make my "way to Panama" via a secret passage. I'm surprised how well this works. I made the bookcases and glued a half inch square peice of wood up the middle of the back of the moving one. I then inserted pin hinges - well bits of sturdy wire in the ends of the wood, the floor and the ceiling et voil√° a swivelling bookcase. It needed a bit of sanding in various places (all hidden by trims etc) to make it swivel smoothly but it works a treat now and opens just enough to allow you to see the cellar walls and the beginnings of the handrail indicating that there are steps which descend.

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I have not tried wiring, mostly because I have built a couple of small dollhouses and it appears that wiring kits are for 5 or more rooms. I see this is wired. How do you wire for a small build, Jo?

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Thanks Chris. You don't need to buy a whole kit, just buy the lights you want, a plug in lighting strip and a transformer of the right size for the number of bulbs you plan to use - bulbs not light fittings. I have a section at the back of this build behind the stairs where I can fit a couple of lighting strips. Then its just a case of planning where you lights will go and hiding the wires. It the light is in a ceiling you can drill through to the floor above and then cut a groove in the floor to run you wires through.

Hope this helps Chris.

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Love this! We have friend who have a beautiful beach home on Kiawah Island and they have a secret stairway up to their private quarters. When our children saw this at 4 and 6 they were astounded!

Very very cool what you have done here.

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Thanks Cynthia.

Secret passageways are wonderful for kids, shame all houses don't come with them as standard but I suppose they wouldn't be secret then.

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Thanks Sarah, I wanted to have some fun with this project and try out a few things I had ideas for but hadn't done before. The cellar walls are the first time I used egg carton bricks.

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Thank you Selkie and Debora, me too. I'd love one in real life. I once went to see a house for sale that had one. We couldn't afford it by a long way but it was lovely to drool. There was a secret door hidden in a run of wardrobes in a kids room that led through to a playroom built under the eaves - no windows, a totally secret cave.

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LOL Pat. There's a size restriction here, any bigger than 6 inches tall and you are too big for this ride.

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