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Infantis Helping Again

Infantis Helping Again


Here is my 33 pound helper staying out of the way while I work.

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I bet you know it when she wants to jump in bed with you. One of our cats used to be a fatty and a few years ago I woke my husband up and said I think we've just had an earthquake. Now they are very rare in this area and he said, don't be silly it was probably just Mai jumping off the chest of drawers, turned over and went back to sleep. We had had an earthquake and it was quite a big one too - but then Mai was a large cat.

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The house and subdivision were new when we moved in. I was sitting in my recliner near the back window one day and heard this cry. He was in the brambles at the property line. Being a softy, I put a can of cat food out there as he looked a little sick. A day later I was able to get him out. We took him to the vet got his shots and cleaned him up. Believe it or not HE ACTUALLY FIT IN THE BATHROOM SINK! He was jaundice and I wasn't sure he was going to make it.

Today he is bright white, he has a blue eye and a green eye that are both bright. My son had named him Infantis (after his alternative rock band) as a play on the Latin that means "no words" as he would not stop "talking" to us. He is overweight, but the vet says he is very healthy and hesitates putting him on a diet, especially since we have four other cats. He and another stray we found in our garage a few months later are my buddies. He will climb into any mini I set on the floor. Sometimes he will get in my chair and reach for anything he can touch on the work table, but doesn't get up on the table. The other cats are another story...lol.

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