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Fairfield bedroom - rug to hide the warp

Fairfield bedroom - rug to hide the warp


I painted one side of the Fairfield's second floor and not the other, resulting in a terrible warp. The floor has a hump so it's about .75'' taller near the chimney than where it meets the exterior walls. I was mostly able to hide this with trim, and in the sitting room (the front bedroom) I even glued down strip wood under the carpet to make the floor more level, but for some reason I opted not to do this in the bedroom and the bed was noticeably slanted because of it. (The headboard is only slightly taller than the footboard, and due to the warp, the footboard was actually higher than the headboard! You can kind of see it in http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/uploads/1273781467/gallery_7_4121_164825.jpg.)

To resolve this, I added an area rug with a piece of wood underneath for the bed to sit on. Here is the rug with the wood hidden underneath. The rug is made from an upholstery fabric sample I got on clearance at Joann's. To make the bedside tables sit nicely on top of it, I used wax to attach them to the wall.

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The Fairfield

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