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It's going to be awhile before I can move ahead with any real work on my house: then next few steps are going to require new tools and materials, which I can't afford because I just lost my job. However, I decided to use photoshop to play around with color schemes for the future. Some of these are more complete than others, and several architectural features-like the design of the porch railing-have not even been done yet.

Right now, I'm leaning towards the gold/white version; the second from left at the top, but I also like the white/green one, the light yellow/brown one, and the blue/white/red one.

What do the rest of of you think? Any suggestions?

From the album:

Refurbishing an old Arthur (my 1st house)

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This is so cool that you can play around with these color schemes. I am partial to the green (second from bottom right), as it is bright and different. If this was going to be like a shore house or a victorian house, I would go with this color or the peach one to its right. But if you want a more country look, I like the gold one you picked or the one on the bottom left, if you want a red, white, and blue Americana look. Now the third one from the top left (light yellow/brown trim) is both bright and soft on the eyes.

I am so sorry to hear about your job, but I hope thinking about these color schemes will give you something to look forward to. Good luck with both this house and a new job. And when the time comes where you can continue this project, please let us know what you decided.

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