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Colonial mock Up dormers


Here is one option of the front changes with dormers. I don't know if I want the porch to extend across the whole front and around the sides. I'm leaning to having it only on the front of the main building and then around the right side. What do you think?


© K Romero 2011

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I would only do one dormer in the center, and then add circular windows to both ends. However, the more I look at your mock up, the three dormers do look pretty good. Colonials usually have small porches, rather than wrap arounds, but really it's all about what you like. Are you going to landscape?

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I'm hoping to put a landscaped base on it. I was actually leaning towards a porch that goes on the front and maybe around to the right side, in which case I thought without the dormers would look better. More simple and understated...:unsure:

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I love the three dormers and the wrap around porch !! I'm an old-fashioned kind of person.

The dormers will make those upstairs rooms much more usable.

I love the porches because it reminds me of when I was little.

I used to ride my tricycle around the long winding porch around one of my grandmothers colonial-ish house. It was quite a mix of different eras but looked really cool to me as a kid (which was a ve-e-er-r-ry long time ago.) The house had an addition like you have planned except it was even in the back of the house instead of the front, so the porch had an "L" in it. It was SO fun.

Good luck with your project.

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Since I don't have a specific era in mind, more a collection of all the items I'd love to own it wouldn't have to be exactly colonial and with the changes I'm wanting to do I don't think it could be. The dormers would let more light into the attic which will be a half bath and kids room... still considering just a simple front porch and then doing a little cellar door and garden on the right side.

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I don't think I'm a huge fan of all 3 dormers...but that's me... I like the other pic without any...but I do LOVE your addition...that's a great idea!!!

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