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Fishscale shingles installed

Fishscale shingles installed

The latest progress...the fishscale shingles for above the bay. First time ever that I did this- not bad, but not real happy with the gaps around the window. If it continues to bug me I might end up taking those out and re-doing them! <_<

From the album:

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My first reaction when I saw this was WOW! (If you hadn't mentioned the gap, I would never even noticed it!)

To me it is too small to even worry about, the colors and patterns are what we notice first. THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!

(Could you just put a very fine line of caulking in the infinitely small gap that you are seeing that I am not, and then touch it up with paint?)

This project is really looking good.

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Thanks Sam- you know, I was just thinking about caulking it as I was driving to work this morning! :giggle: Might have to try that.

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I've filled in gaps before with that textured fabric paint - the kind that comes in a tube with a real fine tip? It comes in a variety of colors (albeit, probably not these 2 colors). I've used it for "grout" or for filling in gaps in the corner of crown molding. I started using it to make cake icing and whipped cream in a cup of cocoa. Shake it real well and then let it sit for a few minutes. This will make sure it stays thick but will give any air bubbles a chance to settle down.

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Wicked colors!! Just beautiful! This customer will be thrilled.Can't say that kitty will want to see this house go....such a forlorn look out the window!! :wave:

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I LOVE it...do you have any trim you can put up around it, if it bothers you that much...I didn't notice it until I read your comment... :)

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