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My kit is a "special edition" which means it came with the floors pre-done. They were really yellow, so I roughed them up and stained them with a combo of stuff from our stain selection (my dad is a woodworker). I love the way they came out! Not really perfect, but I was going for a worn look.

From the album:

I'm in love!

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Now I know what house this is. I haven't really started mine yet. I didn't like the yellow floors so flipped them over and stained them. That also changes the direction of the stairs which I wanted to do. MDF stains pretty well, except the stairs because they aren't smooth and just absorb it. I'd like to have the addition. Your house looks great so far. Power tools must be nice.

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The power tools' owner is all worried I'll cut my hand off so he won't let me use them :lol: The addition is not the one specifically for the vermont jr. I think it might be for the allison, not sure. The rooflines are different (addition's is flat), but I like the way it looks. There is a house in my neighborhood that I have always loved that looks very much like it.

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I'm just working on my Vt Farmhouse now and the floors are very yellow. Yours look great. The directions said don't use anything that will permeate the floor, so I was afraid to try any stain on top of it.

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I found out how to change them by going to dhbuilder.com. They are really rough which doesn't show up well in the picture, so if you want a smooth, shiny finish you'll probably try something else. I sure was scared when I took the sandpaper to them :o :o

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