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Last night I made a little man.he's about 6'4" by human standards, but in actuality he is merely slightly over 3 inches.A wonderful little half scale gentleman.He is married to the little redhead.They are Jeff and Lily Matthews.I THJNK they are moving into the Puzzle House.

Good thing the picture is so blurry as he also has no clothes yet ! :lol:

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Jo,I'm loving this.They look so cute side by side,but I was afraid to post that pic...them being unclothed and all :lol:

I am just getting warmed up...there might be another young woman in need of a mate,who knows?Oh,Jeff and Lilly are moving into the Cardboard house,someone else has shown an interest in the Puzzle house :)

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Bea,I had the same problem so I bought a little block of transclucent Premo! Sculpey.That is very firm.Holly suggested mixing some regular flesh toned with it.That worked great.That is what my little man is made of.It is still so firm you don't need to work with him on a stick !!! :)

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