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The Incredible Steam Powered Food Preparation Device and Ins

The Incredible Steam Powered Food Preparation Device and Ins

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Dr Thaddeus Robertson proudly announces

The Incredible Steam Powered Food Preparation Device and Instant Hot Water Receptacle

Ladies and gentlemen, come closer and prepare to be amazed! Are you tired of always fussing with damp kindling to start a fire? Do you waste away from hunger while you wait for the stove to heat up? Tired of your bread burning on one side because of uneven fire? Do you hate hauling wood? Wouldn't you love to turn a lever and instantly have hot water for your tea or your bath?

Dr. Robertson's new device will make all those problems a thing of the past! Step into the future with the new and amazing steam powered stove! You'll be amazed at how easy and fast it is to prepare the finest of meals with scientifically precise heating. Control your cooking temperatures with a turn of a dial. Hot water is always at your fingertips with a simple twist of your wrist. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are living the dream of the future!

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From the album:

Steampunk Miniatures

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its fantabulous!!! :D i think youve started a new trend...i NEED a steampunk house now...not content with just one steampunk tower room in the Beacons :lol:

i just love it!!! :D

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Deb, this is my favorite one yet--brilliant!

Now which Victorian house of mine needs to be steampunked?

:) Crystal

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super amazing !!! ya know I volunteer at our local horror convention every year so I can meet cool people for free lol .....get cool autographs of sci fi horror peeps, they are crazy for steam punk and I have had ideas for a table to sell there, I think you should sell your stuff there. They would eat it up !!!

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