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Alchemist's Garage

Here at 667 Hemlock Hollow lives the Toten family.

Mr. Toten is a Mortician by day, and an Alchemist by night.

He and his wife fancy themselves as a modern day John Dee and Edward Kelly but, I think the truth is, they are far from being that accomplished. Mrs. Toten is the "Seesayer" & Channeler, and spends much of her time connecting with the other side.

Quite sadly, during one of Mr. Totens re-animation experiments, it backfired on he and his family. They would be long past dead however, their old bones are still animated and live on conducting their operations, as well as Mr. Totens obsession with re-animating the dead. Yes it's a bit Frankenstein-esque but, I believe that is why he became a mortician in the 1st place.

On the left is Mr. Totens Garage where he salvages body parts, and hauls them upstairs in the garage's loft to attempt at giving them a new life. It is not known if Mrs. Toten is aware of his hobby but, the neighbors have noticed the strange smells for ages.

They have quite an issue with rodents since Ghost (their beloved cat) incarnated into energy, and is no longer very effective at mousing. It seems the mice have overthrown the house, but still, the family attempts full rodent emancipation by poison's or by trap.

Well, it once was a fine home now a bit run down. I suppose it works for them. No one dare come within 100 yards of the house.

All the better to cut them up

From the album:

Ravenscroft Manor

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Wow Monica, I love this. It looks as though its floating in mid air but with an unholy glow emanating from the interior. How did you do that its fabulous.

You said it was a plain ol garage - its anything but - what a great idea. The fencing is a perfect touch too.

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Thanks Janet and Jo! :flowers:

Jo, I took the pics with only overhead lighting, and I turned on the lights inside the garage for this shot.

As for the floating effect, I actually had to get rid of the background in the picture (doors and light switches you know ;))

so, I erased the actual background and put in the gradient color background in Photoshop. Very handy tool for not-so-good backgrounds :yes:

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Ha,Monica!! I couldn't Wait to see your entry.....and I'm surely not dissappointed!

What a fantastic and creepy Alchemist's Garage! Inside and out it's a scream and

a sight for sore eyes! And I love the lightening and moon backdrops,the rats,stretchers,

hearse and body.The library is pretty OOKEY also! Great job!!! :wave:

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Awesomely cool!! I love the way you alchemist is bi-vocational. <cackle> And he picked two professions that go together very well!


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No one dare come within 100 yards of the house.

All the better to cut them up

Glad I don't have to pass that house on the way home :lol: Talk about Spooky :o Monica, I'm glad to see that you entered!!

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I love the story! Especially the part about how he "salvages" extra body parts... lol!

The house looks great, albeit quite spooky!

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What can I say, I always enjoy seeing your creations!! Your gypsy caravan is still one of my favorites! This one is incredibly creepy! I would definitely keep walking by, the photo ambiance is fantastic!

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