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exterior view

exterior view

I lost hours just messing around hooking up the lights, I purchased on clearance, to see what the overall effect would be, I love it. I am especially excited because I have been wanting to learn how to do this since I built the playscale house a couple decades ago

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Are you hard wiring? I am. I was also intimidated. After I put in my first light, I thought...ok, I must have done something wrong because it was so easy and it worked on the first try. :D

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Thats exactly what I thought I was intimidated and thought it was beyond my capabilities since I have never messed with electrical. It will be hard wired [ I think thats what its called with the tape right?] I did a test with the tap and the tester worked but then I didnt know how or where to plug in each light so I bought a plug in strip. So I have to finish reading the wiring booklet to find out the rest.

I also worked with plaster today for cracks between walls and wished I had a mold or an idea ready to go for the left over plaster. I ended up later working with polymer clay for the first time and made a Corgi.

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I thought hard wiring was round wire, which is what I am doing - no tape. I think there's a hybrid method, too, where you use both. Either way, I am glad lighting isn't as tough as I thought it would be since it can really make a room!

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Right according to the wiring manual, there are different methods and options. Like you said the end result that lasts is the main thing. An electrified doll house was a big part of the draw for me to devote this kind of attention and interest & time. Then the design, creativity and artistic factors. What Fun!!

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