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Couldn't resist

Couldn't resist

Front porch base is on and the foundation, those are drying. Couldnt resist furniture placement, its kind of tough with this model or I have too much furniture, so left the fireplace out for now. [ maybe my furniture is bulky?] I still like it though, and wish I had a claw foot tub for the bath, or a jaquzzi. I really have to get to work now on real life.

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Thank you I do love the cherry wood here. I came up with the idea of pulling out some of my mosaic tiles to elevate the tub. I will try that later.

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The house looks like it has so much more room with out the stairs. I showed my daughter your pictures to see if she would want to take her stairs out, as she has lots of parties in her house, but she wanted to keep them.

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I know what you mean I would like to put in Spiral just to have the room, but what I most likely will do is make sure my next doll house has large rooms I really like spaciousness, and I would have started with a mansion but this is my learning house. Had all the lights going last night now I have to read and figure out how to hide all those wires.

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I've built 2 of these and found the kitchen to be too small. I moved the wall so that it just came within a smidge of where the front door trim would be. I also left out the stairs because they were awkward and took up too much room.

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