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Meet the New Occupants -- Marcus and Alicia Campbell

Meet the New Occupants -- Marcus and Alicia Campbell

These were among the many dollhouse dolls either I purchased or my boyfriend gave as presents through doll artisan Sandy Calderon (who's very awesome to work with). Decided these two dolls would be my honorary newlyweds in need of their first starter home together.

Alicia is wearing a homemade red cotton jacket and black capris (though I might need to create a new jacket -- it's starting to fray a bit). Marcus is wearing a homemade button shirt and jeans while his sweater is actually a Heidi Ott sweater.

Judging from their expression, it looks like they're super pleased with the house and its setup.

From the album:

Tamarack Dollhouse - Updates

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I love the names you've given them!! Too funny!


<laughs> Glad you like it! The names (and clothing) were actually inspired by my coworkers. They all voted on names when I brought the dolls to the office to work on them during my lunch break.

Marcus' outfit is actually based on a male coworker -- he offered to take pictures so I can replicate his outfit. Alicia's outfit is based on a dear friend of mine who recently retired from my office. She loves wearing capris and heels. Though the red jacket's starting to fray so it needs to be replaced...

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