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Victorian Cape May interior


I've kept the colors my mother installed, which should be darker and more vibrant for a Cape May 1880 Victorian, but this is somewhat of a family heirloom (to come) so I wanted to keep much of it as my mother made it. This was her 1 and only creative venture; and a huge exercise in frustration as I recall!

It sits on my enclosed Victorian porch, and though I am fascinated with it, I can't seem to get anyone else equally enthused when I show it off.

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Tennyson by Artply THE MERMAID HOUSE

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Well, you won't have that problem here! This house is gorgeous, and I love that you are keeping the work your mother did on it. I have always loved the aspect of keeping a family dollhouse as an heirloom! It truly is lovely! Thanks for sharing!

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I agree with Rhonda! Your house is Gorgeous!! I am so happy that you shared your family memories with us by sharing this wonderful house with all of us!! :wub: This is just so sweet!!

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I'm with Rhonda and Tracy! It's such a lovely house, and it's decorated beautifully.

And what a wonderful spot to show it off. Victorian porches are so romantic.

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Ha! I'm with all of the above...you have a gorgeous house and have decorated it with

such grand style. Phooey on those who can't see a treasure staring them in the face. :p

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This is Awesome! I enjoyed studying all the details in each room. Obviously people who aren't enthused with you house have NO taste (sniff)! Lol.

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