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Jo Med

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Garfield - Victoria Villa - June 09

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Jo, it looks like you are working on your house inside a conservatory/sun room - you are so lucky to have a space like this with lots of light! So much easier I'm sure to see all those little details. Your house looks amazing!!


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Thanks for your wonderful comments everyone. I'm glad you like it.

Cynthia, I am working in our conservatory and it is brilliant for light but a bit cramped for space. My family are all very good about it, I was really the only one who used this space even before doll houses came into my life so they don't miss it. The chairs are all cramped up at one end and it looks like a hobby room not a conservatory, bit of a devil to keep tidy.


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omg woman its fabulous!!!...well you knew that already :p

i say out with the chairs and full steam ahead with a total craft room :) .....you say no one but you uses it?...go on do it!!! :p

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Jo, what a wonderful DH, I love the color selection and the landscape detail. I wish I had more time to work on my DH's

You are doing a fabulous job!

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Thanks Cheryl, its slow going but I think I'm getting there. Started thinking about the next project now that the end is in sight with this one. It will be a Rutland Grange with an egyptian revival vibe.


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It will be a Rutland Grange with an egyptian revival vibe.

oooo my that sounds grand cant wait to see the start of it...its in the future i know but i bet your planning now :p :woohoo: :)

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Oh yes Linda, the loft is full of bits and pieces and I have several folders in "my favourites" with inspirational ideas - not enough yet because I haven't found any pictures of exactly what I want it to look like. The nearest I came was the London house in "The Return of the Mummy" and I can't find any still on the internet so I might just have to buy the film.


PS just collected a parcel this morning with 2 Bespaq cheetah chairs, they are totally exquisite, furry seats and teeny tiny little padded armrests, I love them to bits and want to carry them everywhere with me but alas they have to go up in the loft for now I'm afraid.

Managed to get 2 gorgeous Glenowen beds in a half price sale too. That's me all over, instead of appreciating the 50% saving, I buy 2!!!

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Love, love, love your landscaping...of course.

And every time I see a pic of your workspace I am just beyond myself with jealousy!

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Hi Jo

I really enjoy looking at all the progress you have made with your fabulous 'Victorian Villa' :o

I especially like the colours you have chosen for the outside. Love the addition of the extra two little roof bits over the french doors, how did you think of that?? I have never seen it done before and I really like it.

What did you use to colour your roof tiles? Whatever it is it does not look even but rather sprinkley, what is it? Very nice colour too.

Its fun to see how the inside develops too, I never thought much of curtains especially quite fancy ones, but they really make your interiors come alive. I am so impressed!

Somewhere you mentioned that the house dictates what you do and makes the decisions - I find that too - or it is the little people who have decided ideas.

Best wishes


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Hi Anna, thanks for your comments and I'm glad you like the house, its suffering from a bit of neglect at the moment but I hope to get back to the build soon.

The roof tiles are first painted with a flat grey undercoat, then I mixed a dark grey clour and painted random tiles, next a very light grey colour and painted other random tiles. When it was all dry I sprayed it with a stone effect paint which gives the sprinkled look.

I've spent the last few months making beds and little people for the house (I've made far too many beds though) so I must get back and finish the build.



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Hi Viola

Thank you for your answer. It had suddenly occurred to me as I woke up that you must have used spray paint to get the sprinked effect ha ha. Well that bit is true but did you paint each tile twice separately before that??? Just the thought is killing me.

I made one lot of roof tiles from cardboard first cut into strips and then cut on one side in zig zags (carefully measured and marked out first) and finally all painted roughly in brown and glued on. I copied the idea from an old dolls house. It was an astonishing amount of work so I know how much you must have worked on your roof but its all worth it because it looks just great!

I have a splendid brass bed that is sort of dressed with an old piece of linen, the main thing for me is that Kitty can get under the covers lean against her pillows and enjoy her bed learning her lines or reading or combing her hair or dreaming (with her eyes open). I plan to do some proper pillows and do hemming of sheets eventually and I would love to find a bit of white or brown fur for the winter in addition the bit of crushed green velvet she has already. (This household is set in Victorian times and is somewhat unconventional and so far interior decorating is pretty much all in my head ha ha. Nathan and Kitty are just lucky to have such lovely furniture and a pretty Regency house with a metal balcony and they have trap but no horse ha ha.)

Getting back to the bed: I want to be able to wash the linen so Kitty can enjoy a fresh bed sometimes which is all mad but there you are. ........and the bed has to be all rumpled and cosy with the sheets down to the floor.

Its marvellous you have so many ideas for new beds ha ha, can't have too many gorgeous beds. If it came to it you could sell one on ebay you are that accomplished.

You have taken such marvellous pictures of your house! The lovely light in your conservatory makes it look so real and the shots are really really good. My photos do not turn out well at all and things do not look as nice as they are.

Your goth girl room is such fun and I love the studs on the door and the little tower room all fixed up so nicely, oh she is one lucky girl!

My note turned out all rambling and unsuitably long but I do not want to delete it. I enjoyed thinking about your and my minis and found it relaxing to write this.

Happy days


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Aww thanks Rhonda, I'm glad you like it. Its now got a full roof on and a pool deck with a conservatory so its almost finished - just need to do the trims.

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