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"The Stone Cutter of Woodshire is always in search of perfect stones for building. The Fairies are quite particular, you see, and will only use the very best stones to build their cottages. Because the Stone Cutter is quite skilled at his craft, the King and Queen of the Woodshire realm have bestowed upon him their permission to keep the most precious stones. He has polished these stones and has them on display about his shop, and has been known to be quite generous in giving them to others. Although his collection is impressive, his most prized stone (a real gem) is displayed above the fireplace...the Fairy Queen herself gifted it to him in recognition of his generosity..."

The Woodshire Stone Cutter's Cottage is a 144th scale, one of a kind, hand made creation. It measures 2-3/4" wide x 2-5/16" deep (including the base). It stands 2-3/4" tall.

Inside the Cottage, there is a tiny woodblock upon which sits an anvil and tools that the Stone Cutter uses in his craft, illuminated by the "stained glass" window. A little chair provides him rest from his labors. Racks on the walls display more tools, and a shelf over the doorway is adorned with polished stones. Over the large fireplace is his most prized possession...a real gem! (I'm sorry...I don't know what kind of gem it is. It's a pretty emerald green, so it may be an emerald.)

On the outside of the cottage is a tiny wheelbarrow that the Stone Cutter uses to collect the stones to be cut and a pile of polished stones awaits addition to his collection.

This is the third of a series of Woodshire Fairy Cottages I hope to make.

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144th Scale Cottages

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